Alternative Fishing Bait

There are quite ponds, which is forbidden to use protein balls, but this is not a concern because there is quite a wide range of other bait to catch carp.

Carp Fishing Bait
For most fishermen today, as it comes to catching carp immediately their first thought as bait for protein balls, but there are many other successful types of bait that are undervalued in my opinion.


I’m a big fan of the pellets, there is no doubt that pellets are a phenomenal way to attract carp and get him to eat. There are many different types of pellets on the market today, both in form and color and composition that provides a great opportunity to catch carp.

With so many types of pellets, no doubt you can do great mixes by using different size and shape of pellets, which will not only make it easy to catch fish, but they work much faster than the protein balls.
Using different form pellets will hold hours of carp stain you, since they dissolve at different speeds.
My advice is to use a small pellet sized between 1 and 4 mm., But can also add a little older to use for bait later.
Ready mix pellets of CC Moore’s readymade mini-ultramix pellets is the supreme blend of small pellets of high quality.
The pellets are particularly suitable for use with PVA, and a method spodove feeders and have a great effect both on their own and in combination with other types of fishing bait sold on AndrewFishing.
To strengthen them, you can use liquid dips in PVA products or pellet Deepneau itself if you use it for a single bait.


Hemp seed is another great alternative that also complements other types of bait, such as corn and tiger fastak.Tozi natural product is one of the best seeds for bait and creates great food drive at carp.
Saturated hemp CC Moore is terrific, with oiled particles as used in combination with pellets or corn for bait, it means there is a large selection of them for bait.
You can experiment with the mixture of hemp by adding to it different fluids and additives to create unique baits for carp.
Generally speaking, try to hunt with the smallest bait as hunt stain from hemp, a few grains of artificial corn or 8 mm pellets will be more suitable for carp than big bait because not much different in size from the base groundbait.
Another trick is to add to the mixture of hemp and other small particles less boiling water, it will help to remove natural oils and will work better bait in the reservoir.


Finally there are so many types of bait in size and color.
Bright single bait will catch carp in all circumstances be it white, orange or yellow.
Besides bright single bead has many types of pellets with different scents, they work very well combined with a small PVA bag of pellets.Bladuorm bait and pellets of CC Moore are my favorites and work on all types of reservoirs.
There are so many types of bait Boyle except that you can successfully catch carp, keep trying different types of bait and you will find that your results are so good that you can stop using balls forever.