Alternative Uses for Beauty Products

Your beauty case is full of make-up products such as face creams or body lotions and beauty, which never seem to be enough to fill all the needs? No worries will tell you a secret!Some cosmetics you use every day hiding one or more alternative uses each: for example, your loved lipsticks can turn into fantastic creamy eye shadows, blush to brighten the eye or even the comfortable cover dark circles, especially during emergencies make up the last time.
But not only lipsticks, even the mascara, the primer, shampoo or deodorant can be used differently: in this way you will gain space in your bags
You can reuse those finished products into oblivion, but above all save some money. Ready to explore alternative uses for cosmetology?

Lipstick as eyeshadow, blush or cover dark circles

The lipstick has many alternative uses, the most common is to become a great creamy eye shadow, because they are highly pigmented and extremely bright. Simply mix it with a bit of moisturizer and apply it on your eyelids.
As a blush, picking with his fingers a veil lipstick, in shades coral, brick or orange and applying it on top of the cheeks to shadow them. I recommend you do not use glittery lipsticks that accentuate facial imperfections and any open pores! Another alternative use is as a concealer cover really effective circles, in fact, applying red lipstick (as a simple checker) on blue-violet dark circles, you will get a perfect base to brighten your eyes and cover swelling and fatigue.Then proceed with the flesh-colored concealer and makeup for the eyes!

Loose powder as a dry shampoo

If you have not had time to wash your hair time and in that state you just can not leave the house, do not worry, your loose powder, provided transparently, it will give you a hand! Simply sprinkle it on the hair, in this way will absorb the fat and will give a new twist to your hair.

Dry shampoo as hair volumizing

It ‘happened to me as well to have bought the dry shampoo only out of curiosity to see the result on my hair, but I have to be honest, it was not that great! But instead of throwing it away, you can use it to alternative use, such as a volumizer for your hair. A splash on the hair and dig in with the hair dryer, it will make them brighter and more voluminous roots.

Hair conditioner as shaving foam

The hair conditioner is the ideal substitute of shaving foam: In fact, if smeared on the legs can be used to shave without the risk of drying out the skin or lesionarla with the razor.

Primer as a concealer for pimples or to tame frizzy hair

The primer allows it to last longer makeup, also to completed make-up, giving the eye a higher intensity. But also has two other alternative uses: as a concealer on pimples popped the last moment, in this way will better adhere to the corrector, and is perfect for taming frizzy hair.Just rub a little ‘primer, preferably silicone-based, colorless, on the fingers and smooth problem areas to mitigate the frizz caused by moisture.

Deodorant to remove enamel or prevent blisters

Deodorant, being rich in alcohol, is perfect for removing nail polish, suggested by you can just spruzzarne a bit ‘on a cotton ball and rub it on your nails as a common solvent. Or it can be useful to prevent blisters, if sprayed on the feet can prevent these to sweat.

Mascara as eyeliner or to touch up hair regrowth

The mascara can be used in place dell’eyeliner, simply by withdrawing with a brush a small dose of product and draw a line on the eyelids. Or to touch up hair growth: with a very precise work, once finished mascara used the brush for combing your eyebrows!

Eye shadow to cover the gray hair regrowth

The eye shadow is perfect to cover the gray hair regrowth in case of emergency, you can just choose a color similar to that of hair and tamponarlo with the same brush on the roots. It is not necessary to add lacquer, eye shadow should adhere to the root of the hair all day.

Lip balm to adjust the eyebrows

If your eyebrows are poorly maintained, used a bit ‘of your lip balm, simply by applying it on them and helping with a comb to find the perfect shape.

Lip gloss as illuminating face and to resolve minor abrasions

Also the gloss, as the balm, has the function to comb and fix the arch as a true gel to the eyebrows. Also it can be used as illuminating face or to fix the bleeding of minor abrasions caused by waxing or shaving.

Nail polish remover as remove fake tan streaks

The solvent to remove the enamel is also perfect for removing dell’autoabbronzante streaks. You just put a little ‘on a damp cloth and wipe the skin dry at points stained, it is important to wash the area once finished the process.

Lacquer as stops make up

We saw him do several times by make up artist and surely many of you already know this, the lacquer is ideal to stop the make-up. Spruzzarne just a light mist on your face, taking care not to let her in the eye or mouth: this will be the film for the whole day.

Toothpaste as whitening polish

The whitening toothpaste is a stain remover for all purposes, so why not also use it on the stained and dull nails?