Amazon Creates Game Circle, The "Game Center" That Google Should Develop for Android

Amazon has been moved forward to Google by incorporating its own “game center” to Kindle Fire. Known as Amazon game Circle It does what are waiting since a long time ago in Android: play with friends online, show ranking tables and, of course, store the achievements and progress in the game not missed to reinstall or change device. What mobile devices already created Apple for its iPhone and iPad.
Although it is commonplace with system like XBOX Live, Steam or Game Center of Apple, Google is not decided to launch a social gaming platform and synchronization in the cloud of the progress that we make in the games. He had to overtake Amazon, which precisely used a fork of Android (specifically Android 4.0.3), with its own gaming platform.
As well explained in the video: already We will not lose our progress to reinstall or change device via Whispersync, and with the rise of tablets we will be able to continue the game that we have left in our mobile on the tablet to get home, for example.
To make it work game Circle with the Android games we need developers to implement new APIs provided by Amazon in your game. None of the other world if Google decides to release an API for cloud storage and games. Among the list of more than 50 games that are compatible we are Where ’ s My Perry, Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump … as you can see many of the most popular already have been launched using game Circle to improve the playing experience at Kindle Fire.
game Circle only works on Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, although it would be a wise move to be used for the games that we download Apps from Amazon store. As extra ball, Amazon, the great global store where you can find almost everything, took advantage of game Circle to offer deals of his traditional tent, for example, figures of the game itself you buy in a single click so that they sent us home.
Google should be the batteries soon if you don’t want to eat you more ground in innovation. It seems incredible that Google is the “Queen of the cloud” and it has not yet used its platform of Google Drive to incorporate a synchronization in the cloud and social gaming platform. Clear that Amazon is the “King of the cloud”, has no problem in creating a broad ecosystem in the cloud based on books, movies, music and games to incredible built hardware service environment to the Kindle family.