Amazon Prime and iPad 2

The ASUS Transformer Prime, thanks to the brand new quadcore processor, Tegra 3, was also created as a portable game console, and a direct confrontation with the eternal rival of Android tablets, Apple iPad 2, is almost a must.

It is true that the Apple platform offers the inveterate gamer a broader list of titles, some of them with spectacular graphics (Infinity Blade is a trivial example but case in point). With the new processors coming soon, including the Tegra 3, things might (repeat, might) change for Amazon; for now we must settle for a comparison between the two platforms on titles compatible with both: in the case of the test carried out by the now-famous titles are proven SlashGear Shadowgun and Riptide GP.
Let’s start with the video related to Shadowgun, which has already been advertised a dedicated version and optimized for the new processor Nvidia.
Before any comparison between the two platforms, you have to specifically say that Nvidia has been working closely with the two software companies, the Madfinger Games and Vector Unit, in order to develop optimized versions of their Tegra 3titles. Also we’re comparing a processorDual-Core A5 (the beating heart of the iPad 2) with a Quad-Core of last generation produced by Nvidia. And there is also to say that Shadowgun and Riptide GP are among the titles of “punta” Android gaming, at least for a graphic point of view.
That said, we can only be “happy” the progress made since, actually, the new ASUS if the weel, adding new effects to games without suffering any sort of slowdown. Of course, playing with or without splashes on the camera after a jump on jet skis can be the same thing, to see or not to see a dynamic management of reflections of light and water won’t change the gameplay or depth of the plot, but, especially for the casual gamer, is something that from a certain satisfaction and, as rightly says the video author , return to the iPad after playing on the new Prime is really difficult. And what do you think? The new Transformer could affect the dominance of the Apple platform?