Amethyst Jewelry Meaning

The gem produces fascinating pieces of jewelry. Bright violet in different shades contributes to the magical beauty of amethyst quartz-art. This varies from lilac to purple the color of amethysts. Also he often has a slight mottling. The brilliant gemstone developed its intense color under the influence of ionizing radiation. The Amethyst is processed like jewelry. However you should take care when wearing it is exposed to the stone of not excessive ultraviolet radiation. Natural sunlight or artificial UV light can be responsible for ensuring that the Amethyst and gradually loses its unique colors. Before sunbathing, jewelry should be therefore rather filed with amethysts.

The Positive Properties of the Amethysts

Different properties and effects are attributed to stones – even if this is controversial. For example, is the agate for strength and to provide protection and security. The Rose Quartz will ensure the harmony and the Amethyst is said to bring good luck. Therefore, the Amethyst is like worn as a charm on a chain around his neck. A very individual piece of pearl jewellery (see you can create with a coin pendant and an amethyst coin inlay. The respective coin can but after individual repeatedly exchanged and the Amethyst are replaced with other stones. Is an amethyst polished, his beauty gets better to the best advantage.
Word Meaning, Effect and Occurrence of Amethysts
The word “Amethyst” (Greek. “amethystos”) means “intoxicated by acting against”. Therefore, the ancient Greeks were the adoption of the Amethyst could weaken the effect of alcohol. The Amethyst has other positive features of the human body: it should provide rest and relaxation as well as promote sleep. The occurrence of amethysts extends to a wide variety of countries: including Mexico, Australia and Morocco.