And the Toys of Christmas Soon Found in the Rays Are…

For the eighth consecutive year, La Grande Récré organized a national survey on the trends of Christmas. Among the results, find out which are the five most popular toys by children for this Christmas!
Christmas: €116 budget per child
La Grande Récré has just published the results of its annual survey on trends of Christmas. If it teaches that the budget devoted by parents for Christmas Toys amounts to €116 per child, we discover especially the list of 5 most popular toys by children (excluding consoles) for this end of year 2012.
5 most popular toys by children are…
At the top of the list, the timeless Playmobil with to big favorites this year, the Pirate ship for boys and the castle of Princess for girls. In second place we find Monster High dolls that are gaining ground with their extravagance and that seduce this year thanks to the new characters of Halloween and Showbiz ranges.
In third position, LEGO, which is more feminine with its new bricks, mauve, yellow, green… the famous LEGO Friends! But as LEGO Star Wars and Ninjago.
Side games of recreation, we find again and again the Beyblade tops, even if the phenomenon if slowed down slightly – they were top of the table in 2011 – the Battle Dome is head of sales of tops.
Finally, last step of the podium: the classic Barbie dolls and RC helicopters from, always present! At the top of the lists to Santa: the Popstar Princess Barbie and Barbie and his Fiat 500!
In short, do your early Christmas shopping if you do not find the shelves of toys completely robbed!