Android M Debuts Launcher Application

The biggest change that will find a user with Android M It is the new app drawer that opens Google Now Launcher in this previous version of the operating system. It is no longer a crate of horizontal displacement, in which pages we spent with our applications sorted by name. It is now a vertical list of applications.
This list shows the applications grouped by lyrics, showing in the same letter at the beginning so that we know that the names of applications we will find. If your scroll bar click New you can quickly jump to the desired letter.
But this is not all, now in the first line we will see the four recent applications but do not have shortcut on the desktop, and above all find a search engine to quickly locate an application to write his name.
The drawer boxes It is also renewed to another vertical list that grouping widgets by application, and not mixed as before. It is now easier to see all the widgets from the same application.
What you think about this radical change? After several years using the old horizontal drawer will many cost get used to this new application drawer.