Android M Would Be Android 5.2

One of the questions that remain to be discovered in the next version of Android might have been already unveiled in the second pre-release of Android M. There is still to discover the name and number of this new version, and this last seems that it would have already been announced by Google.
All the news about Android M Developer Preview 2 include Google mentions to a version number your new demo mode. This demo mode intended for developers which makes cleaning the status of notification and icons bar, put the most Wi-Fi coverage and battery icons, and to put in the time version of Android catches always shows the same status bar.
As well, the time that puts this new mode of Android M Developer Preview 2 It is 5:20, which Android M would eventually Android 5.2. If confirmed esto already only it would know the name of the dessert that starts with M to know the full name of that new version. Currently its codename would be Macadamia Nut Cookie but it could change in the final version for any other candy that starts with M as Marshmallow, Muffin, Milkshake or Meringue Pie, to name a few.