Android M Would Go to The Conquest of Information and Entertainment Systems in Cars

It seems that Google will not be been satisfied with that Android Auto It is simply a system that extends our Android on the screen of the car. According to Reuters Google wants to launch a new version which wouldn’t need to connect the phone and would have many more functionality and integration with the car to really conquer to the systems of information and entertainment on Board of automobiles.
In other words, with that new version of Android for cars already not it would depend on your mobile phone to navigate with GPS and listen to music. But it is not just that, but that it would also listen to radio, set the volume on the speaker, check the climate control, see information and driving statistics, maintenance notices, driving tips and much more, as in aboard the most modern systems of cars.
This new version of Android Auto It would see the light approximately within a year with the launch of Android M, the next update of Google’s operating system. Although it seems that Google it will cost enough to persuade car manufacturers pass to use Android in its information and entertainment systems.