Android Pay, The Platform Open Google for Mobile Payments

Google does not want to lose this war in mobile payments that Apple is leading with its proposal. Android the proposal of Google Wallet It has not curdled in the market, and is for this reason that Google has launched open platform Android Pay to encourage operators, banks, payment networks and retailers to bet by the mobile payments in Android.
With Android Pay You can pay with physical stores (NFC) contactless payments via mobile or pay in applications for e.g. flights, hotel reservations, rental cars, etc… We will also have loyalty programs and special offers apply automatically at the moment of paying. Transactions will be made with greater safety, supporting the reader of fingerprints on supported devices.
The application of Android Pay It will be available soon for download, at least in the United States, where more than 700,000 tents and more than 1,000 applications for Android will accept Android Pay payments. Google is working with the main mobile operators in the United States (AT & T, T-Mobile, Verizon) to bring this new payment service to its customers.
It is unknown when Android Pay It is available in the rest of the world, since they are the operators and banks of each country having to support these mobile payment.

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