Angry Birds Space – Announced from Inside Space Station

Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds games series, is not surprising. As if the many versions of the game are not enough in scenarios and with different and unusual themes, the next release of Angry Birds will be on March 22, 2012 with the new Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space - Announced from Inside Space Station

The difference is that now the game is in space and physics is totally different because the gravity relationship depends on the “planets” that appear in the game. Reaching the little pigs now will require much more imagination and training to get used to the new trajectories of the birds. It’s so different that the Rovio team got an explanation directly from a member of the space station. Do not ask me how, but they took there an Angry Birds stuffed bird and even some eggs!

In the video below you can see a demonstration of how the ballistic trajectories in space and in order a trailer for Angry Birds Space .

Interesting how the marketing figures reach heights, right? I once saw on a TV show that transporting anything to space cost at least its own weight in gold. I do not know if it’s true, but certainly the Rovio paid dearly to have a spreading recorded directly from within the space station.

Keep an eye on Rovio’s website to await the launch of Angry Birds Space and new trailers and gameplays that can be released sooner!