Anklets Tinker with Elastic Wire

It’s almost so far; Summer is here! Time for vacation and to enjoy the sea and the Sun. In the evening if it stays long bright, you can stay out long sit. What fits there perfectly to your summer outfit? An own homegrown anklets in great colors!
An Anklet is quickly made and you need not many beads to. Threaded on Elastdraht it is also simple. Actually, this is also particularly handy wire. Then you can turn the anklets quickly and again to set. It is important that you do not swim with their anklets. The salty water of the sea and also chlorinated swimming pool water are bad for the beads. Especially the natural materials can be quickly destroyed. Of course, beads should not rust.

How to Make an Anklet?

It is really quite simple and works the same as with the tinker bracelets reviewed by Dentistrymyth. The elastic wire is available in several varieties. At our bead shop “Stone beads world”, look under accessories and then Threading material.
I myself find always the most beautiful pearls such as mother of Pearl, and pearls for an Anklet. It fits easily to the beach and the sea. Colors such as turquoise and white are always beautiful. And if you a little “our site and glitter” like, then bring some Swarovski Kristellperlchen or glass beads, extra sparkly!
Go before you thread with beads, best first, measure your ankle. An ankle can vary in size depending on the person. And your anklets will be so enjoyable if it fits properly.
Then thread the beads easy and off you go. Simply try out what is most beautiful!
Make a picture was not so easy! haha