Apple Blåstempler NFC Med Apple Pay

Apple har inkluderet Near Field Communication i iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus og Apple Watch.
There has long been speculation about whether Apple would include Near Field Communication (NFC) in their iPhones, but Tuesday we got sight of the case, and here it was clear that the NFC is a part of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple’s new wearable Apple Watch.
Apple presented the NFC, along with Apple Pay, there is a step on the road to kortløs payment.
Very simplified payment with NFC works by the user to save credit card information in your phone, which can be kept to a terminal at the supermarket, after which the payment can be carried out, without the user having to bring his credit card.
Samung, Sony and Nokia has long included NFC in their products, but there were doubts as to the last, whether Apple would take the NFC, or trying to make their own alternative.
With Tuesday’s presentation, Apple has accepted the NFC, and thus will be the NFC a standard in line with WiFi and Bluetooth and GPS used on smartphones across operating systems.