Apple Event at. 7 p.m. Live Coverage (Final)

Tonight it goes loose in California. Apple will showcase the year’s biggest novelty: two times the iPhone 6-and Apple Watch.
The countdown has started. There are less than three hours at Apple’s event in the Flint Center For the Performing Arts.
The wings will be the same as 30 years ago, since Apple stormed forward in IT-the limelight with the iconic Macintosh computer.
Apple’s event starts at 7 p.m. Danish time when Tim Cook and co. will take the stage. Our site is pleased, of course, to see what Apple serves up, and will follow the event closely. You can stream the video live downstairs. The video goes in the air a few minutes prior to the event.
Streamed is here now.

Live commentary

Then there’s only 10 minutes to the Apple event goes in the air. There are provianteret with energy bar and mocha in copious amounts. Now we are just waiting on Apple …
Hmm … It seems that stream does not work as it should. Do you have an apple device, you can stream ithere at Apple.
Over 6000 journalists and industry professionals are concentrated in California. Large event.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Tim Cook stating that the iPhone is the greatest and we today will experience the largest launch in the history of the iPhone’s.
Now comes the!!!!
Or rather the …
IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus!
Phil schiller: sRGB display … and so is the larger.
New marketing expression: Retina HD screen
Confirmed: 4.7 and 5.5 inch 
Resolution: 1334×750 and 1920 x 1080 monitor. Quick mental arithmetic: 326 PPI and 401 PPI.
Not a word about the Sapphire Crystal.
Thinner: 6.9 7.1 mm and against former 7.6 mm.
The home screen also works in landscape format now.
A8:64-bit Apple, 20nm 13% memory than A7 (112 mm ^ 2)
25% faster, 50% faster graphics
It will not be too hot, for it does not need to throttle the speed down
Together with Metal-development tool lets game developers optimize performance on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (and 5s)
The operating time will be at least as good as on iPhone 5s
iPhone 6 Plus can live up to 20 and 100% longer
M8 co processor ensures tracking of data from sensors to exercise and health-apps.
Built-in altimeter adds altitude data
20 supported LTE-tape. A new record!
3 x faster Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
8 megapixels (only?) 1.5 micrometer pixels and f/2.2 optics. 
New improved sensor and optics
Phase-detection for lightning-fast auto focus, as in Samsung Galaxy S5
Panoramic images up to 43 megapixels
Optical image stabilization for iPhone 6 Plus, digital stabilization for iPhone 6
No 4 k this year, but the Full HD video capture at 30 and 60 fps.
Slow-motion up to 240 fps (10 x)
Autofocus and facial recognition, see video footage
Front camera with burst-mode
IPhone 6:
$ 199 for 16 GB, $ 299 and $ 399 for 64 GB 128 GB for (it is us prices with two years of binding, put about $ 600 on top)
iPhone 6 Plus:
$ 299 for 16 GB, $ 399 for 64 GB and $ 499 for 128 GB (ever us prices)
Both 5 and 5s remain in the portfolio, just slightly cheaper. Respectively 0 $ and $ 99 (plus about $ 600)
Availability from 19. September. Presale starts April 12.
115 countries by the end of 2014. Denmark is not mentioned.
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus get the NFC for mobile payments
And then along came Tim Cook with “One More Thing“!!!

Apple Watch

Tim Cook introduces iWatch with ‘ One More Thing ‘
Square it seems
With metalrem
And the name is. .. Apple Watch
More straps to choose from
Tim Cook: ‘ Watch is Apple’s most personal device ‘
New interface for a a new product type
A clock with the click-wheel rather than pinch-to-zoom interface
Big four sensors on the back. A heart rate monitor? But what do the other?
The home screen consists of round icons that can be scrolled through with click-hjullet dubbed the “Crown”
Apple Watch understand Siri-commands
and can also be controlled by touch
The watch is protected by sapphire glass
… and contains a ‘ taptic engine ‘-it can distinguish between hard and light pressure
Apple Watch is waterproof and can be charged wirelessly
The dial can be switched out, as on most smartwatches pt.
6 different straps to choose from, Apple’s own closure
Comes in two sizes, with 3 different look sport and classic-and 18-karat gold.
Can only be paired with an iPhone 5, 5 c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus
Navigation with Watch
Swyp upwards to get access to alerts and widgets
Vibrate when messages or info is ticking in
Apple Watch reacts when you drag the clock up
From which you can either dictate a response, choose an emoticon
… otherwise, Apple Watch suggest a default response based on the contents of the message
You can also browse among your favorite photos with Watch
and in Maps.
‘ The Crown ‘, or click-wheel is used to zoom in and out
Press firmly hiver menus above
Send doodles clockwise: heartbeat
Agency is open for app developers, with a dedicated tool: WatchKit
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Nike and BMW is on the bandwagon
Apple Watch supports Apple Pay
Apple Watch for sports
Tim Cook: “Apple Watch makes you want to a healthier lifestyle”
With two new apps: Fitness and Workout
… and a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor
Workout app keeps track of time, distance and calorie consumption
Price and availability:
$ 349, roughly 2,000.0-crowns before customs and VAT.
Debut at the beginning of 2015


IOS 8 for iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 (as expected)
Schiller runs quickly through Health app, improved notifications
IOS gets debut on 17 September. September for the following devices:
iPhone 4S, 5, 5 c, 5S
iPad: 2.3, Air, mini and mini 2
iPod touch 5. Gene
Mobile payment:
In the United States uses the 12 billion annually by credit. But now it should be simpler.
Now comes Apple Pay
Pay by Touch ID together with NFC
Works with iTunes credit card
 Or take a picture of the credit card, Apple does the rest
You lose your iPhone, you can suspend all payments
222,000 (u.s.) businesses are with in cooperation
Payments can be made with a click
The service go on the air in October. Only in the United States in the first place.

Other news

Apple ends the evening (morning) with: U2!
U2 and Apple is generous and gives U2 upcoming album away on iTunes and Beats Music forward to the 13. October.
Valid from today.
It was from Apple for this time. The California-based IT giant is out with a their largest product launches ever. At our site, we will follow up on the many news and upcoming features. Thanks for tonight.