Apple iPad WiFi

Beginning to be difficult to extricate the world of Android tablets, so the selection of models and upcoming venturi was wide, and the poor buyer may feel disorientated in deciding among many similar devices. In these cases a useful instrument of discernment can be some nice benchmark.
We see then how did they perform the WiFi version of the Apple iPad (don’t we have reason to believe that the addition of the phone module ne would alter in any way the results, the remainder being of identical hardware) struggling with some known benchmark (Tegra 2 CPU, GeForce, with Honeycomb):

  • FPS2D: avg = 59;STDEV = 5.41
  • Linpack: MFLOPS 35,553;Time: 2.36 sec.
  • An3DBenchXL: Total Score 24270
  • BenchmarkPI: 503 milliseconds
  • Quadrant: 2154

Any of you have ever tried to run some tests on your smartphone you will already have realized that they are respectable values. Just to establish a basis for comparison (waiting to compare it with other tablets, as would certainly be more appropriate) we list the values of the same tests obtained on Apple tablets (CPU GHz single core and GPU Adreno 200, with Android 2.2.2):

  • FPS2D: avg = 58;STDEV = 3.48
  • Linpack: MFLOPS 35,062;Time: 2.39 sec.
  • An3DBenchXL: Total Score 15811
  • BenchmarkPI: 1080 milliseconds
  • Quadrant: 1200

To make more significant parallel, we stress that with regard to the test charts the Xoom is disadvantaged by the greater display resolution, also seems indifferent to the presence of the second core Linpack, paying off almost idenditici on the two devices, instead think of Benchmark PI that halves literally calculation times.
And you who scores recorded on your devices? Satisfactory performance of the Xoom or would you expect more? Screenshot of the various benchmarks to follow.