Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Is Unleashed – Here Are the

Apple launches new iPhone today. Read all about Apple’s new super mobiles here.
Then it finally end the rumors, leaks and other curiosities from the East. Tim Cook and Co. unveils two new iPhone.
Now comes the iPhone in size Large and X-Large: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Screen with growing pains

Apple is traditionally reluctant to change the format of its popular iPhones. Two years ago came the first big jump in size as the iPhone 5 got a boost from 3.5 “to 4”.
With seventh-generation Apple is prepared to close the gap to rivals Android and Windows Phone which have long since moved up 5 -inch class. Now comes the iPhone in two sizes, 4.7 and 5.5 inches. 
Do you have small hands, or do you prefer just a compact mobile, you must get used to the new target of 138x67mm. iPhone grows thus approximately 10 mm at the top and takes 8mm in width. To remain pocket friendly barbers Apple however 0.7mm of profile, which now occupies only 6.9 mm. Iphone 6 Plus is slightly fatter by 7.1 mm.With larger display follows higher resolution. The new display now displays 1334×750 pixels, ensuring a retina-approved pixel density of 326 PPI. iPhone 6 Plus is even sharper with a resolution of 1920×1080, which gives a density of 441 PPI.

noble finish

An Apple product is usually a study in precious materials such as glass and aluminum. The new iPhone is no exception.
One finds an aluminum unibody as in iPhone 5 and 5s, but chief designer Jonathan Ive and his design team depart now away from the sharp edges and rounds Now the sides of to ensure a comfortable grip.
Apple manages also to integrate an NFC chip inside the metal housing. NFC technology paves the way for their upcoming mobile payment solution: Pay.

A new two-stroke

Inside the engine room is the successor to the A7 which runs iOS 8 forward. The new A8 processor houses still two cores thanks to advanced 64-bit architecture racing against the four and eight-core processors in Android land.
The big quantum leap you should not expect. The slightly higher frequency and 1GB RAM promises nothing extreme performance boost over its predecessor. Apple claim however that you will experience 20% higher performance with the iPhone 6. The major improvements appearing on the graphics front. Here are promised a boost of 50% together with newly developed Metal will give 3D games to none.

8 megapixel – again?

The last 3 iPhones has since 2011 offered 8 megapixel camera, and the new iPhone does not change the resolution.
Apple defends itself with new optics and new features will give the camera increased usability. The lens opens up to f / 2.2 and sucks thus more light when lysis is scarce. Panorama function can also samstykke images up to 43 mega pixels.
The large iPhone 6 Plus will also get optical image stabilization to keep the camera steady when filming or taking pictures.
For action shots and video, introduces Apple ‘Focus Pixels’. The technology is based on the phase detection as found in the Samsung Galaxy S5. It will provide up to twice as fast focusing and continuous focus during video recording.

Prices and availability

Apple iPhone 6 will be following US rates:

  • 16GB, $ 199 + 2-year bond
  • 64GB, $ 299 + 2-year bond
  • 128GB, $ 399 + 2-year bond

Iphone 6 Plus:

  • 16GB, $ 299 + 2-year bond
  • 64GB, $ 399 + 2-year bond
  • 128GB, $ 499 + 2-year bond

Prices without binding is typically about $ 600 higher. iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 have the same launch price.
iPhone 5c and 5s remains in the Apple range but will get a price cut of $ 100. The first iPhones will debut Sept. 19 . Presale starts on Friday the 12th. Do you want it?