Apple Watch: Apple Is Surging into Wearable-Scene

It is rumored a long time and is now a reality. Here is the smart clock according to Apple.
This is a great bet for Apple. It was underlined emphatically as Tim Cook for the first time lent deceased Steve Jobs iconic expression “… one more thing”.
An expression that has historically set the tone for every monumental product launch. Before it was the iPod, then came the iPhone and the iPad was finally. But today it is a new product-type existed for Apple: smart clock which in short is called ‘Watch’.

Both large and small

Apple Watch is not just one, but six different products.A mens version and a smaller Lady-variant. Both sizes are both cast in stainless steel but is released with three different finishes: sports, classic and gold.
These include six different belts in both leather, metal and plastic. These can be replaced and adjusted according to taste.
The actual display is square and retina-resolution ensures that text and icons are facing sharply. Whole lot is hidden behind scratch-resistant and strong Sapphire Crystal.
Unclean is charging wirelessly via a redesigned dock.

More than a lilliput-iOS

To steer the Agency through the small display reinvents Apple both touch-screen and click wheel.
Apple-ceo Tim Cook stating that pinch-to-zoom just not major to small screens and introduces ‘ the Crown ‘, a click-wheel to make it easier to navigate menus, among features or just zoom in and out.
The actual touch-portion is also thought differently. A pressure sensitive surface under the screen register, whether you touch easy or hard, and provides several options for controlling the clock.
To round the many input options of, come Siri recognizes voice commands, and at the same time proposes standard responses to, among other things. messages based on their content.

For both sports and shopping

The watch is waterproof and also ekviperet with 4 sensors that detect both the pulse at the wrist and activity, to assist during exercise with data as distance travelled, calorie consumption and much more.
Another innovation is the integration of an NFC chip which together with Apple’s new mobile payment solution can also function as credit card. Now must either mobile or map up the Pocket, the payment can be carried out by a tap with the Watch.

Only for iPhone – and next year

Burner you after owning the new Apple Watch, you need to arm yourself with patience — and a newer Apple-mobile. Apple Watch works only with iPhone 5, 5 c, 5S and two new iPhones 6 and 6 Plus.
At the same time, the watch will first debut in the beginning of 2015. The price will sound at 349 $, or roughly 2,000.0-kroner before the Danish customs and VAT.