Are Wedges Back in Fashion

Interesting name “tights” comes from the military men nineteenth century form-fitting leather pants, leather sewn elk, deer … those tight military pants are predominantly white and decorated Hussars parades.
Today, Leggings have become an integral part of the wardrobe of the female half of Russians, as well as for all ages made from materials of this abbreviated form-fitting pants to stretch and maintain good form, leggings are very convenient in everyday life. In addition, as a skulpturiraŝo effect, they hide extra weight (not all of course).

Start popularity leggings, gaiters () was initiated by the invention of new material by the Americans-Lycra. Duly appreciated their athletes and actors from the theatre in Europe and the United States are decent women do not wear tights. But the Russians have seized from them especially zealous in the nineties of the twentieth century collection
Design in recent years have offered many interesting choices for women who prefer pantyhose. Sewing material is very varied. Callers artificial materials nineties retreated in front of natural cotton and wool. However, this technology allows some artificial materials look decent. in fashion and fine lace and suede leggings, and cotton, knitted and warm. Their length also varies in mood, from ankle to mid-calf. Any style or suit can be complemented with leggings while making creative and noble accent.
Leggings Colours changing every season. However, classic black is always in fashion. The precious shades of gray, beige, Bordeaux, Brown, too popular. solid leggings offset fantasy models by other elements of the costume, make an interesting scenic boring ensembles. Colorful, bright leggings are good in the summer, and black or grey-embellished Wedges in winter. with lace, sequins, embroidery, studs.
Today there are many variations of combinations of clothes, using the wedge they will save from oblivion, even those things that is hard to find a companion in the form of pants or a skirt.
Sports style: long t-shirt, sneakers (sports slippers).
Teen style: bright t-shirts, short skirts, tunics, shirts, combined with low heel shoes (ballet dancer), and teenagers are quite highest. acceptable with Elk shoes or boots for the platform.
Romantic style: cocktail dress and high-heeled shoes. Another option-romantic summer dress in flower or polka dot Ballet flats and even outdoor jackets described on SMBER.
In cold weather, you can combine successfully a long warm sweater, knitted clothes, vest with thick black leggings and high boots … nice and cozy Tights socks, combined with suede suit.
Tall and slender women can afford a short tunic, dress, skirt, and lush women-swimsuits with long skirt and controversial fitting clothes with tights to take care of only a few inches below her skirt.
Despite the popularity and fashion, but need to think critically and with the choice of leggings to your wardrobe … going to the cottage in tights and a long t-shirt can afford almost any woman you want. But to go “live” in tights-serious question. Especially worth thinking owners of complete or very straight legs, as well as mature women as well as those who figure out how to say “no to compass made.”Women clothing, must, first of all, he’s right. Otherwise, the appearance would be ridiculous, vulgar … but who cares?
Another issue that would be appropriate to go into the tights? Depending on the situation and style of leggings look great for a walk, and the nature, on vacation, in the gym, disco or party. However, in the Office and in the Theatre closed for them.