Asos Men Goes Plus Size! Jersey Bomber Times Times Chic, Sporty

Sometimes come the great info without real fanfare… Beginning of December ASOs has its plus size collection for men launched! For me the absolute hammer-news, but so far still not a great big deal about was made. I think ASOs wants to first test the whole thing and see how it goes… then the theme will be promoted even more. Now the point of “Big sizes” had crept in anyway, in the menu of the shops quietly.
I am ordering quite long many of my clothes at ASOs, because there is current trend parts of its own brand to XXXL. So I’ve been the end of my size but – so far! Because now the part of our own brand there is a XXXXL and that in regular size and tall-fit – so for the large covered boys. This is only a X, but a real step in the right direction!
YEAH cris *
I must also say that most stuff from ASOs XXL would fit me, but I like it just rather loosely sitting and order therefore XXXL (since I can connect also the top button shirts, and with my really big collar size!). The jeans are there E.g. to ICH distance 44… I wear most of the time a 38.
Anyone who knows me, or who followed my blog, would be little surprised, that I’ve ordered me a bomber jacket as first ASOs plus part. I get can’t get enough of those things really!
This time there are two styling tips for the Jersey jacket as described in exercises clothes in bomber jackets cut – once rather chic shirt (also from ASOs plus!) and knitted tie, and once very casual with baseball cap and T-Shirt.
I had accidentally discovered the tie in the sale – fit color like the fist on the eye fabric used on the jacket. A black tie is of course also… or one fly. Again, this is a game with accessories and parts come together which they themselves do not together – I find the mixture then cool, casual and surprising. This should be even an outfit for the casual Friday at the Office with a ‘decent’ jeans and leather shoes.
The jacket is very casual so to a cool ALLROUNDER, you can often wear and always different combine. In addition, such jackets are always handy, because you can wear them not only saisonabhänging: in the winter it is a replacement for sweater or Cardigan quasi in warm seasons of a light “transition”-jacket.
In addition to the parts from the ASOs men collection – now ASOs brand plus – you will find in the shop still clothes of other plus size brands as Barney BB´s original (cool leather jackets),Burton Menswear (casual sweatshirts and shirts), Duke (streetwear & casuals), noose & monkey (shirts), Polo Ralph Lauren (sporty elegant shirts and jackets) and Wrangler (denim). A really good selection of cool stuff in large sizes! Seriously, I’m glad extremely!
ASOS men goes plus size! Here you will find the complete product range: ASOs plus
New parts come to… Beginning of December there were less than 30 articles to start, now there are already over 200! You should however not too long think about, if you like something and it is in your size because… It shows namely that the cool, fashionable trend clothes in larger sizes because demand is that sizes 3XL and 4XL are quickly sold out on some of the tracks! So, we can hope that the new plus size line from ASOs for men as well matters such as ASOs curve (the women’s collection in large sizes) and we have to expect a lot more parts!