Astro A50 Wireless Headset in the Test

Wireless Gaming Headset with charging station for PC and Xbox one, this is the Astro A50 wireless. Our practical test shows whether gamers are joy.
Players who attack deeper into the Pocket for good hardware are not uncommon. Astro with the A50 is aimed at this target group. “The A50 is there but it’s so long!” like some out, but we are testing the new edition published recently (“Gen 3”). The “grey green” A50 variant is used. It is designed in addition to the PC for use with the Xbox one. With a suggested retail price of 320 euros, the headset is certainly not a bargain.Alternatively and just as expensive is the “gray blue” A50 version aimed at PC and PS4 owner.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset: Technology, Service and Comfort

40 mm speakers are installed in the headset, ASTRO thanks to Dolby Headphone technology coaxes a veritable 7.1 surround sound which. The A50 is designed as over-ear and quality. The mechanics is impeccable. The earcups rotate 90 degrees. The A50 is not very easy with about 380 grams. The soft padding on the earpieces and the adjustable headband is however very pleasant. Even long carrying was not a problem in our practice test.
Optional ASTRO offers yet a A50 Mod Kit for 40 euros. Herein, ear pads and a head bracket insert made of synthetic leather are included. The Mod Kit not available was for the practical test. At a press presentation an A50 before recurrence pattern in the previous year, we could try out the Mod Kit, however – the difference to the normal ear was were obvious: the art leather pad enabled a significantly better noise reduction. The change of the pad is easy because they are magnetically attached.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset: Installation

Commissioning the base station via USB is connected to your computer.The included USB cable is very short with a meter, so that the base station can be placed not always optimal. But does the headset also without additional software, all functions of the hardware unlock, you must first download the ASTRO command center software and install.Thus, not only advanced settings can make but also play equal current firmware updates, what was necessary for our test pattern.
Practical: In conjunction with the Xbox one the else at Xbox headsets-necessary chat cable from the headset to your controller is eliminated when the A50.
What does the command center software? The A50 has a 3-position EQ switch on the right earpiece. Behind it are sound profiles. They are however not rigidly predetermined, but can be adjusted with the software. In total, five profiles called “Media”, “Pro” (for streaming and shooter), “Studio” (for movies and music), “Astro” (for General Gaming) and “A50 Mod Kit” for quick selection available in the library. These requirements can be further adapted if necessary. Also for the microphone, several options are available which have influence, as it is owned by others. This allows itself also affect how much ambient noise will be filtered out or how loud you can hear themselves even in the chat.Here, the user must experiment until it finds a suitable setting.
The Astro command center (we have tested with version 1.0.121) disturbs us, that some driver functionality will not be explained. In many places, none appear via mouseover although helpful comments, but elsewhere.Sometimes, the notes are not translated into German. Astro should rework here.
One important tip for those interested of the PS4-version of the A50: Describes a workaround, the Astro here only because the new PS4 slim has no optical audio output, helps when connecting.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset: Practice and Sound

In practice, the A50 offers all major control options directly on the head. In addition to the above mentioned 3-stage EQ switch located on the right earpiece even an on off switch, a switch to activate the Dolby technology and a regulator for the overall volume.
“Game-to-voice balance control” especially well-liked which has us. It is housed in the right panel of the shell. This controls the balance between play and chat volume. She can be mutually emphasize or even hide.
Of course, the base station, which also serves as a charging station is very useful. Where to turn off the headset after the use in it, there is always a charged headset at hand. Astro speaking of 15 hours of running time. In the our practice test we never had battery problems. The used lithium-ion batteries are unfortunately set installed, they can be replaced as a result at the end of life. An alternative operating of the headset cable is not provided.
Also, the microphone of the A50 is firmly installed. It can be set is quite flexible. It does not need a mute switch, microphone disabled automatically if it’s upwards. The voice quality is very good. The voice was transmitted in our tests with Skype and Team Speak always clean and free of distortion. In the listening test, the A50 convinced: the 40 mm speakers deliver a balanced and transparent sound with good bass emphasis. Gamers come thanks to Dolby Headphone 7.1 acoustically fully at their own expense. The surround sound allows a very good acoustic positioning. The command center software provides several ways to customize the sound to your own preferences.
Finally, a Word to the optics, which is of course always also a matter of taste. The mix of different green, black and shades of gray, metal and plastic, as well as Matt and glossy elements has addressed us less. This so doesn’t like the reduced black and white design of the current Xbox one.

Astro A50 Wireless Headset: Conclusion

A Wireless Gaming Headset such as the Astro A50 is a fine thing. The base brings genuine added value thanks to the integrated charging function and other connection options. Sonically, the A50 is anyway exalted beyond all doubt. Who wants to better insulate ambient noise or disturb others less, should cover the purchase of the optional Mod Kits in the eye.
Given of the high purchase price from 320 euro can you recommend the Astro A50 seriously only hardcore gamers who regularly and persistently use the headset. We recommend the about half as expensive as cheaper alternative LucidSound LS30. However you do without on the practical charging station here.