Auralux, a War between Suns

A style of play that is receiving much public acceptance are simple but effective, games without lush graphics and thousands of controls. A sample of this style is Auralux, a strategy game with a very simple but at the same time complex and entertaining approach.
In this game We start each screen with a star, which is generating units of energy that I see as points in space. With these points, we will have to to conquer various stars, some dead that it will be relatively easy to master, and others with an owner. These stars also conquer will be generating power, but it won’t be so easy.
We will have to spend a considerable amount of energy to take a star, and more if it is in possession of the opponent. If two units of energy of different owners faced, both disappear, there is a stronger color, so be careful. The game is free, but to have all levels will have to buy them with real money. Even so, it is a very entertaining game and it is not imperative novices buy to enjoy it.

Auralux Version 1.2

  • Version of Android: Since 3.0
  • Developer: War Drum Studios
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games

Auralux is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real – time strategy game. It is currently only available for Tegra-based phones and tablets, but we will be opening it up to more devices very soon as we verify the best experience on each device!
You command only one type of unit and have only one type of order to give those units. You and your opponents start the game with precisely equal resources. Quick reflexes will get you nowhere. The only path to victory is through clever strategy.
Auralux features to slow, floating feel and vibrant minimalistic graphics. The entire game click to the rhythm of ambient music, and the player’s actions evoke sounds that smoothly coalesce into melody.
This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience. Every choice matters, and only the best strategies will succeed.