Learn All About The LED Lamp

Since 2010, incandescent bulbs are leaving the shelves of markets. Gradually, the bulbs of 100 watts, 150 and 200 were banned. In early July, came the time of 60 watts. The measure, to adjust consumption in the country energy efficiency program, let the consumer the options of fluorescent lights and the LED (Light Emitting Diode). Continue reading  

Portuguese Create Toys Adapted For Children

Employees of the Portuguese company based in Coimbra Critical Software have adapted toys for children with cerebral palsy in a volunteer project that still involved the creation of new software that facilitates communication.

On Wednesday, some of the children in the kindergarten of the Association of Cerebral Palsy of Coimbra (APCC) move to the premises of the technology-based company to meet the engineers who since November have adapted about 20 toys that are now delivered To the institution. Continue reading  

Boxers or Panties?

Lisa? With or without standards? Boxers or Splips? Righteous or wide? The possibilities are immense in terms of mens underwear. But opinions are far from consensual.

If a vote on the fair other abhor and want off. Patterns are out of the question for most. Will be? In fact we don’t know the answer, we live a very short time to stay just the basics. Continue reading  

The Answers to the Questions About Custom Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is always a right gift, isn’t it? Everyone likes. And makes it especially for an occasion (or anyone!) makes it even more special. But why make a custom jewel? How to choose the ideal gemstone? There are many questions about custom jewelry and that is why we show in this post, what are the answers to the most common questions on the subject. Check out! Continue reading  

Amplifier Exposure XXXV

Also the British tradition manufacturer exposure adapts to the taste of the time with the XXXV (3,000 euros). Our testing shows that’s it but is not pandering.

  1. Amplifier exposure XXXV
  2. Data sheet

Like many companies in the United Kingdom had also exposure the task, their proud tradition adapted to the demands of the modern era. But this is always a balancing act. Finally, you want won’t be spooked by Yes fans, but find still new. So the amplifier XXXV reveals himself for 3,000 euros by its simple, by two buttons immediately as typical exposure device embossed look, and his weight testifies of 11.5 kilograms, one still opts whopping power supplies in the southern English port of loading. Continue reading  

Onepiece-Rompers For Fashion Victims

In the specialist press and in countless blogs, a bit more and more is emerging: OnePiece. Even a Justin Bieber, already has one and so it is not surprising that the “Rompers for Fashion Victims” is hotly debated. I am aware of the bodysuit from the times when I wore nappies, so I am astonished at all that Mr. Bieber is one of the first to get back there… Continue reading  

Skull Dresses 2018

Models and Pictures of Skull Dresses 2018

We are going to check out several models of the Skull Dresses 2018 that are in high fashion.It seems that the fashion caveirismo came even to stay, so much so that with each new season come even more models and even more clothes prints with this trend.But it is not only the clothes that have become stylish, but also the accessories, bags, shoes and more.Then the skull even invaded the trends of fashion, which ended up bringing even more news and more style to us as well. Continue reading  

3d Light Fixtures Seem To Be Coming Out Of The Wall

The 3D 3D line luminaires Light Fx have this name because they seem to be coming out of holes or cracks in the wall where are fixed.

How 3D Fixtures

This effect is achieved through a very simple feature, which is a crack patch that comes in the base of these fixtures, they end up looking like a tear in the wall. Continue reading  

Sexiness In Body Jewelry Chain: A New Style Statement You Should Try

body chains are not new, they’ve been around for a long time, however, it is only in the recent past, with the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities that robust attachment found your fame. Here’s a look at how to doll up and balance the body chain, fashion for any occasion and event, and throughout the year it too! And mind you, body chains are one of the more fashionable jewelry for the summer of 2015. Continue reading  

Turntable Well Tempered Amadeus

How to build a plate bearing that has decades of constant use and stays still movable as backlash?

  1. Turntable well tempered Amadeus
  2. Data sheet

A classic ball or plain bearing never make it 100 percent. Bill Firebaugh, the designer of the well tempered turntable, patented therefore in the 80’s two new, rather bizarre-looking at first glance bearing itself, which can be found both in his latest player of Amadeus. Most striking is the arm camp, which strictly speaking do not exist. The long (effectively 10.5 inches), slim, for resonance suppression with fine sand-filled aluminium flows not in the usual gimbal bearing cage, but in a… Golf ball! Continue reading  

Chuwi HiBox Test: Mini-PC with 10 Windows and Android

The Mini-PC Chuwi HiBox is a Mini-PC with Android and Windows 10 and will be used mainly in the living room. We do the test.

The Chuwi HiBox is a Mini-PC with features that recommend it for some uses. The performance is sufficient for a media player in the living room, operated with kodi. As “invisible” computer for Office and basic multimedia tasks it can be fitted behind the monitor – Alternatively use it as an Android “Game console” on TV. Performance, dimensions, as well as noise level voting in favour of the mentioned tasks. Agree the inner values? The test. Continue reading  

Today It’s Katha’s Birthday!

Know, if there is something to celebrate, then I’m in love! Nothing is more beautiful than to meet people who enjoy and want to have fun together. Not long ago, our herzallerliebste Katha invited to your virtual birthday brunch party! I have myself about the invitation been looking forward and how it is on each occasion, I began now to think about what I’ll probably wear… Continue reading  

Pirelli Calendar 2017 – Without Makeup, Without Retouching

Revolutionary, provocative, fashionable and intellectually. Each year the Pirelli is expected CAL called calendar, also the with much tension – and also this year there were interesting insights and pictures. The renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh was the idea that 2017 was the Pirelli Calendar, “conveys personality, sensitivity and the courage to be yourself” with the words. The 44th calendar is dedicated to a beauty that comes out without makeup and retouching. And Yes, it went to the be naked, but not the kind of being nude with the Pirelli Calendar has been so famous.  Continue reading  

Carolina Castillo Sweater In Totally Awesome

Carolina Used A Beautiful Sweater Long In Scenes Of The Novel–We Love!

Carolina Castillo and Artur Castro threw another in totally awesome! The couple lives on the warpath but can’t be separated, and the public appreciates because when they meet you know she will display that lingerie to fall in love. In the chapter of the day 16/02 was no different! Continue reading  

Decorative Frames Give Life To The Environments

Not only the color of the ink to make a wall. You can highlight a corner of the House hanging decorative frames for environments.  A lot of people have the desire to decorate the room with art, but not always believes that the dream is possible for thinking that won’t fit in your pocket. Or, among so many options, you don’t know which drops better for home decoration. Continue reading