Baby Development Week by Week

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, or already have a baby growing in your belly, then in this article you can know the development of the baby and the pregnant, week by week.

Baby Development Week by Week

Week 1 – Ovulation occurs, and the egg is waiting to be fertilized.

Week 2 – The body prepares to receive the egg.

Week 3 – Fertilization occurs, and the egg becomes an egg. The great journey of the future baby begins.

Week 4 – The egg is now an embryo, and the organs begin to form.

Week 5 – Organs are formed at great speed.

Week 6 – The baby’s heart is beating hard now.

Week 7 – The baby starts to hear.

Week 8 – At this time the embryo measures 2 cm.

Week 9 – At this time of pregnancy, the embryo moves freely in the water bag, being the size of an olive.

Week 10 – The embryo becomes a fetus, and with the organs almost defined, it is time to grow and mature.

Week 11 – Usually this week the seasickness begins to disappear.

Week 12 – The fetus already has nails.

Week 13 – The fetus is growing fast.

Week 14 – The baby already has taste buds. This week the line appears in the belly of the pregnant woman.

Week 15 – This week, the baby’s sexual organs are already defined.

Week 16 – The organs are completely defined.

Week 17 – The baby starts to be big enough for the mother to feel it.

Week 18 – From now on, it is easier to visualize the sex of the baby.

Week 19 – At this stage, cellulite begins to appear in the pregnant woman. The baby develops intelligence.

Week 20 – The baby is now 16 cm. In pregnant women, colostrum may appear on the nipples. Week 21 – Baby begins to gain fingerprints.

Week 22 – The baby’s face is now more defined.

Week 23 – The baby begins to be able to move the eyes, beginning to train the vision.

Week 24 – The baby now has half a kilo, and is now beginning to gain weight more quickly.

Week 25 – Hair growth.

Week 26 – The lungs are fully functioning.

Week 27 – The baby opens and closes his eyes. The desires in the pregnant woman appear more frequently.

Week 28 – The baby moves a lot and starts to get plump.

Week 29 – The baby is positioned with the head next to the uterus.

Week 30 – Baby already notices the difference in light.

Week 31 – Gain weight at high speed.

Week 32 – The pregnant woman feels the baby moving with great intensity.

Week 33 – The baby now has 2 pounds.

Week 34 – The organs are ready.

Week 35 – The baby already knows how to breastfeed.

Week 36 – Development now consists of the latest improvements.

Week 37 – The baby can be born.

Week 38 – Meconium is already formed.

Week 39 – Contractions can begin to intensify.

Week 40 – The contractions are now very intense, leading to childbirth. Birth of the baby.