Baby Reborn: What Is It? Tips, Prices, Where to Buy!

What is reborn baby ? If this is a question you are asking because you heard your daughter or niece wanting something like that, calm down. You are not misinformed simply because you do not know the term, after all the changes are constant and you may have seen something similar, but did not know the name given to it. If you want to take all your doubts to stay inside this new fashion that is conquering children and adults, let’s go to the post!
What is reborn baby or reborn doll?
The name reborn is of English origin and according to reports, the little babies gained this denomination because of the Second World War. And what does War have to do with dolls? All!
During the battle period, it was almost impossible to find toys for sale in England and to satisfy the children and take the strain out of the war, the mothers began to adapt the dolls they already had at home to create new toys; For that reason of the use of the word “reborn”, since the translation is “reborn”; That is, it was the rebirth of the old dolls into new ones.
Currently, the technique is much more advanced, but the art of making new toys has gained this name.
How is a reborn baby made?
The technique for making the toy is somewhat complex and still uses many imported materials.
In order to give the characteristics to the baby, the artisans must import the parts of the body, such as head, hands and legs. The material used for these parts is usually vinyl, silicone or an alloy that binds both and comes in a single color.
After receiving these parts, the artisan attaches all this to the body, which is usually made with the filling and so it becomes soft.
With the baby’s base already assembled, it’s time to give the skin color . Non-toxic paints that are developed precisely for this technique are used for this. The paint is a very thin layer that should reach the desired skin tone and contain all the traits that a real baby has, that is, you can see the veins and all the spots of skin that a person has.
After this step, eyes should be implanted , which can be made from acrylic, glass or silicone . The color and shape vary greatly and this gives the desired doll characteristics even more.
To finish the whole process, which was well summarized in this text, the finishes are made and items such as earrings, pacifiers, diapers and clothes are made.
How is a reborn baby delivered?
The idea is to get as close to the natural, and therefore the artisans who produce this type of doll are called “storks “.
At the time of delivery, a birth certificate is issued that earns the name of the “mother” of the baby and information such as weight and date of birth; So as to be a special moment.
Can reborn doll be the copy of a real photo or baby?
Despite all the proximity to reality, since the characteristics like skin, hair and even weight refer to the peculiarities of a real baby, it is not always possible to make the doll like a photo .
This is because the basic molds are imported and not tailor-made. To give the characteristics of a real person, the artisan must devote himself to the work and do with the traces that can be changed (skin, hair, weight, eyes) have such characteristics, therefore, not always the result is so close to reality . However, there are storks that make dolls that achieve a very similar result.
Can the baby be a boy or a girl?
Yes, you can choose the sex that the baby will have or even opt for a couple of twins for those who want to have reborn siblings.
What’s the difference of a reborn doll from an industrialized toy?
The difference is enormous, since for the making of this type of toy it is necessary dedication manual and detailed for days. The imported materials also make the work more expensive.
On the contrary, the industrialized models go through assembly lines and will hardly have such real characteristics.
In addition, it is still considered the affection throughout the work of a baby reborn. And so the final cost does not come cheap , but it cost-effective.
Is reborn baby just for kids?
One is deceived who thinks that the dolls are only among the infantile requests, many adults have surrendered the technique and now they are part of this universe, some until already they have become true collectors.
The technique that is extremely delicate and manual has a somewhat salty price for a toy, since the average is from $ 1500.00 ; And this may vary according to the requirements and composition of the kits that accompany the baby’s arrival.
But let’s agree that any resemblance to a real baby has its difficulties and the price is a reflection of all the dedication of the professionals.
Where to buy?
This type of toy is not found in children’s stores, since it is produced on a small scale, so to have access to the doll you need to find one of the “storks” (many have websites and sale on the internet) to order the baby.