Bag Saco: 60 Looks and Looks!

Looking for a practical, beautiful and versatile bag? So the bag purse is the right choice for you! Check out amazing tips and looks to use!
Also known as a bucket bag,
The bag purse is a trend of the 90’s that has come back to stay.
You know that bag you zip up pulling a drawstring or tying?Yeah, super practice, right!In addition, we can find several bag models out there in Etaizhou, one more beautiful than the other!
Ready to love
Even more that amazing bag?

Five Reasons
To Use the Bag Bag

Do you know why the sack bag came back from the 90’s and is still fashionable today? Because she has some special features that make her very much loved among women!
→ Match with all your looks
Looks for day to day, chic, boho and folk, for festivals … Stay with us and we’ll even show you many incredible looks to wear anytime!
→ You have a choice
For all tastes and styles! Ethnic for day to day, leather for an elegant look and fringes for a boho/folk style!
→ Fits all your needs
The look of small bag does not fool! You can put on everything a woman needs to take, such as makeup, sunscreen, cell phone, hairbrush … and so on!
→ Convenience and comfort
No use being practical and uncomfortable, right? Its long handle gives a lot of comfort and helps when picking up things from the bag!
→ Use on all occasions
Whether day or night, for a stroll in the mall or at the ballad, at college or at festivals … Take with you your bag purse!

Where to buy

For our happiness, for being fashionable and having a lot of demand in the stores, it is not difficult to find a purse bag to buy.In both physical and online stores we can find many different models and prices.
If you are looking for famous brands and diversity of models, we recommend three online stores: Zattini , Dafiti and (depending on the brand the price is very salty, but you will definitely find one of your taste, since the variety Of models is pretty big!).
Now, if you prefer that price friend and do not care much for brands, you can bet on Enjoei !There you find bags of all kinds and models (some used and some not) and, as we all like, with the price very cheap!You can trust without worries, I have bought many times over there and never had any discontent.
Before you buy,
Choose your favorite model!
Finish reading our post and get inspired with our looks!See which ones combine more with you and make it easier at the time of purchase.
So, let’s go to the models?


The ethnic print was successful in the 70’s with inspirations of tribal culture and blends perfectly with our tropical climate!So how about combining the 1970s with the 1990s?
√ Combines with looks:
Day to day, festivals and boho & folk
Try your ethnic bag with a rustic look, with lightweight pieces and natural materials! Just be careful not to pollute and overdo it with many prints.
The picture bag bags from above are called Wayuu Bags, are made of Colombian crafts and made 100% handmade!
Learn more HERE !

With fringe

Another wonderful trend is the fringes!Use and abuse them to give lots of movement to your bag!
√ Combines with looks:
Day to day, festivals and boho & folk
If you want a cowboy touch, try wearing it with leather or suede jackets and boots. For a boho look, combine hippie and vintage accessories, light fabrics and ethnic prints and embroidery. Already the folk asks for a more romantic air with handmade clothes and rustic boots.


Who does not like a leather texture?Besides they never go out of fashion, they give that touch of wonderful elegance to the look!
√ Combines with looks:
Day to day and elegant
Always seek to harmonize your leather bag with clothing, make and accessories.

How to use:

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite model, it’s time to check out the best looks to match your new bag, right!
Ready for a lot of them?(I.e.

Day to Day

The day-to-day looks are my favorite, because they are the ones we use the most (some even nausea!), Always thinking about comfort and not forgetting our style!That’s why we’ve put together many incredible looks for you to get inspired by your routine!
√ What can not be missed?
Comfort, practicality and very own style!
Of course some days we leave the house wanting to produce a little more, so it’s still worth wearing our favorite sunglasses, a basic make and even a high heel!


The elegant look makes you feel like a mature and successful woman.And, for sure, we love that power!Haha
√ What can not be missed?
Chic elements (sunglasses, a nice shoe, accessories) and lots of posture!
Who has not heard that in the cold everyone looks beautiful? Yes, it is in this cold weather that we manage to wear our overcoats, jackets and coats, pants and boots, which make us even more elegant! Enjoy the cold weather, girls!


When we go to some festival , we always choose our clothes in advance, right?That’s because we want to enjoy all that vibe with a beautiful look (the bag bag is a great option for these events)!
√ What can not be missed?
Cropped blouses, boho style kimono, shorts, skirts, hats, booties, belts, sunglasses, accessories .. And a smile on the face!
Whenever you think of a festival look, keep in mind that comfort is key, as you will probably spend all day there. I, for example, opt for cropped blouses and jeans shorts not to die of heat, a shirt tied at the waist to the cold at night, a comfortable footwear not to end my feet and a handy bag to carry (the bag bag is a Blessing in those hours, folks!).

Boho & Folk

Boho style and folk style have become very popular lately and the bag purse models combine a lot with these two styles!
√ What can not be missed?
Light fabrics, rustic or natural, hats, hippie style accessories, fringes and boots!
These two styles are preferred to go to festivals, because they are comfortable, stylish and have a good energy!
Want to know more about these two amazing styles?
Check out our posts about folk style and boho style!
Good luck in your purchase,
And always remember to combine
The look with your own style!
There is no mistake!