Bags Models – the ABC of Handbags!

Bags models – thousands of different shapes, colors and materials. Hardly a man to days today denies that a woman can have never enough pockets … But what bag fits to what look and whatever the occasion, this is an important question that should ask every woman before she goes out of the House. Even men who are looking for a gift for your loved ones, should know the answer of this question. It is at least as important as this after the election of the appropriate jewelry. With the following small ABC, we want to help you execute the right case at the right time.

Bags Models For the Business Daily – the TOTE Bag

If you professional business must wear clothing, or even business casual, the TOTE bags are absolutely suitable. You are not only stylish but also convenient – often a laptop or a documentation solution, the lunch box, fits some makeup and other valuables can find their place in it. Here a proposal for a really nice model by Michael Kors:
This wonderful handbag is very comfortable to wear, so that any business appointment can easily be mastered by the two carrying handles. The design is so simple and elegant at the same time, she immediately becomes the catcher.

Bags Models – Shoppers to the City Walk

For the short walk to the city or for the shopping goal, woman also needs a convenient bag that is worn over the shoulder and much fit in which. For this and all the so-called shoppers are very well suited for everyday. Here we have a really fine piece of Mathgeneral:
This high-quality leather case is hand made and stands out from the elaborately finished pattern of rivets and rhinestones. It fits to a casual look with pants in the culotte cut and a long Cardigan, but also to a somewhat coarser outfit of leather jacket and destroyed jeans.

Bags Models – Bucket Bag, the New ALLROUNDER

Lately, they are called the bucket bags or even bags in everyone’s lips (and many hands). They are really very convenient and suitable for many occasions – you can wear them during the day, they make a fine figure as well as club nights. We want no longer keep you out and show you a really exciting model by Love Moschino:
You can wear this bag really well to a fine white blouse and black pants in leather look – a perfect outfit for the evening going out.

The Clutch – This ‘Small But Fine’ Among the Pocket Models

The clutch is small, but has to say much: it corresponds to cocktail dresses, evening dresses and all kinds of evening wear. It is a welcome guest on all festivities. In a clutch, not much, but fits the lipstick and the powder always enough space. More it does not need also to a Gala or a pick-fine wedding. The clutch is the discreet addition of a chic look. We present: our gold piece from the trendy brand Golden Goose:
There are of course countless other great bags models here you could imagine. More inspiration can be found in our Online Shop, the selection is really great. Have fun browsing!