Baking Tips for Beginner

You’ve just bought baking and can not wait to make your first bread. This is an extremely useful device that guarantees you fresh, quality bread without harmful ingredients that manufacturers tend to add to increase durability and improve the appearance of the product. In addition to the pleasure of snacking bread baked by yourself, you ensure you and consumption of a product in which you know exactly what is contained. You have found the box and instruction booklet, but they are written so incomprehensible that you eagerly open the computer search for more affordable ideas and tips. Here are a few:
Recipe for the first bread – can not wait to do it. We can start with a basic (and safe) recipe is easily performed on almost all machines: 300 ml of water (or milk) 2 tablespoons oil 1 tsp salt 2 tsp sugar500 g. Flour Maya – Dry – 1 packet or alive – 1/3 cube.
* Put the liquid ingredients first, then – dry and can not help you get a good bread.
* In most recipes yeast is ½ cube but experience shows that it is usually with a quantity of bread prevtasva.
When you gain experience, you will diversify experiment will feel exactly how yeast or liquids are necessary for a good bread to your liking. It is not difficult, just so it seems.

Weights and measures   – best buy electronic scale, but if you do not, strictly follow the measures given in the booklet with the relevant measuring spoons and cups.Otherwise you risk the first bread you do not happen as they should. Do not use all beakers, especially store one lev – the Chinese have a strange sense of these things draw their surreal rocks on the dishes and you may be surprised how much water is contained in one of their liter.
Water – It is better to be warm but not more than 40 degrees – should be careful, because if it’s too hot, you might “kill” the yeast. Never add water, milk or other liquids more than what is written in the recipe. Top of your bread will “crush”.
Yeast – dry or alive? Packaged yeast seems easier to use, but we advise you to use alive. When you buy a cube store, divide by three, wrap pieces with foil and leave in the freezer. But do not hoarding – not good yeast to stay a long time in the refrigerator. Dry can buy just in case – it is durable and you can always save the day with her, if you forgot to buy fresh. Living yeast mix with a little warm water and sugar – It is given revitalization and ensure you get fluffy bread.
The flour – Use only high quality. If you love black bread, note that they do not plunk such as white flour. We advise you to mix the flours. Or add a little white flour. It is good before you put the flour to sift – so air blown into it and the bread will get more fluffy.
The order of placing the product in the container is very important! The basic rule is that first put liquids (water , dissolved fat and yeast), and then dried products – (flour, yeast powder). If you use dry yeast, tipping it out at the top, then the flour. Do not leave bread baked in the cistern. So the bread you will have a crispy crust. If you leave baked bread for a long time in the container, you risk removing the bread thick and not very crispy crust.
Ons – the bread becomes very tasty if you add seeds, olives, dried tomatoes, dry spices and many other delicious things that will found in a variety of recipes. The market has plenty of seeds that can improve the taste of the bread. If you put wet supplements, for example olives must roll them in flour little to no “wet” bread – will hinder to rise well. If you want the crust is sprinkled with seeds, check the book began when firing (about 50-60 minutes before the end of the program) and sprinkle immediately before him. One of the weaknesses of the bakery is the bottom of the tank where mechanism for attachment to the machine – keep this part clean and be careful when to remove and insert – often hurting the seal and will have to replace it. Maybe corrupt mechanism that rotates the propeller. Servicing is cumbersome – if spoil this part will wait too long to repair.
The room temperature is an important element of baking good bread. If a cold room where baked bread, increase a little yeast. At higher room temperatures, reduce yeast – heat in the room accelerates its effect and may your bread prevtasa. Do not put bakery to devices emitting heat.
Delayed start. Use it! It seems complicated with so many buttons at the bakery, but it is not. Decide when you want to be ready bread. For example, at 7 pm. In the morning. Load night, for example at 22 pm., Ie the bread should be ready after 9:00. It is usually baked for three hours (see in the book – there described the duration of each program). Just add 6 hours, using the + button. Then press start and voila – a morning breakfast with warm bread and your account current will swell considerably because it will use night tariff. Note that the bakery happily consumed amount of current.
Dairy products make wonders with bread – give him great taste and great golden surface. If you add in the ingredients, instead of oil, butter, the taste you like it so much that he would not think to use more oil. Milk is added at the expense of water. If the recipe has 200 ml of water, replace 100 ml of milk, for example. As a bonus, we have extended a great recipe for a small bread with butter and milk, which will make you lick your fingers. Beeper you can add his sunflower or pumpkin seeds, why not both: 100 ml of water 180 ml milk 30g butter (at room temperature) 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp salt 360g white flour. Good luck and bon appetit! Do not be afraid to experiment – except good taste to your table, this unit will add a pinch of pleasure to the usual preparation of the menu for your family.