Beautiful Bras for Small Breasts

This is the debate that is burning on social networks. The subject? A study demonstrating that our breasts could do without a bra. A nice chest without support, we believe in it? Cosmo makes the point.
Since its invention, the bra does not leave the breasts of women. Real buddy, it provides support, comfort and femininity.

If you are afraid to have sagging breasts, know that the bra is not the cure … quite the contrary.
Today this cute couple is questioned. For beautiful breasts, we should say goodbye to the bra. It is, in any case, that reveals a study of 130 women for 15 years by the University Hospital of Besancon.
“Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity. Rather, it withers with the bra”, here are the words of Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon on France Info.
Of not less firm breasts without bra and more back pain: the first results of this study havoc all. A highly controversial study on the social networks. What about the breast size? Big breasts or small breasts, on what type of chest-study she had conducted? What about color sports bra as a sportswear?
And you, life without bra you believe it?