Best Android Tablet Accessories

We have taken tablet accessories in the test and include TV-equipment, chargers and headphones under the magnifying glass. In the following article we will show you how best to extend your iPad or Android tablet.
Have something extra, that can make an amazing all-rounder tablets: accessories such as Chargers, headsets and TV equipment. We the Favorites of the PC Magazine editors introduce – useful as well as quirky products that give new skills your tablet.

Shop with solar energy

The SunCharger generated by sunlight energy. At the same time he is a universal charger, thanks to USB port and socket adapter. While the internal battery is charged with. On the way you can charge then any mobile devices directly from the battery of the Sunchargers, which then in turn is powered by the Sun with new energy. A button she informed LED in the current charge status.

Wireless for the ears

Tablets are ideal to listen to videos or music. But really joy does not train, if (need to) hear all bystanders. Therefore worth investing in a high-quality set of headphones. Who wants to leave the tablet in your pocket to make it then does not lie in the hustle and bustle, should think about a wireless headphone. Bluetooth is supported by tablets for a long time and work experience “hassle-free”. Good Bluetooth headphones like the AEG KH4222 BT there is about 40 euros.

DJ on the iPad

The Numark iDJ live expands the iPad (but also iPhone or iPod touch) into a portable mixer for DJs. The music can be in slightly edited on each device even by beginners, is sufficient but also high expectations. Included in iDJ live are a DJ controller for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, large scratch wheels and a crossfader, you fade from song to song with the software. The included headphones/speakers split cable allows separate cueing (cue). The party can rise!

Television for on the go

The Tivizen nano makes smartphones, tablets or the computer to the Mobile DVB-T receiver. The Tivizen is compatible with the most current Android models and streams the programs by a built-in battery up to 3.5 hours on the Tablet (iOS or Android). By the way: “Big brother” Tivizen iPlug is plug currently in our endurance test!

Adaptable earphones

The open HiFi headphones DTX 910 by beyerdynamics can be extremely pleasant and convinces with its linear, well dissolved, and natural sound. The headphone for hours of music enjoyment is thanks to very soft ear pads. The cable on the left side is three meters long enough. The headband can be adjusted to rotate 90 degrees the shells.

Create disk space

The Corsair Voyager air is an external hard drive with one terabyte capacity in a very beautiful and stable housing. It provides interfaces for LAN, WLANsowie USB 3. 0e. The Voyager air can serve as mini-NAS and WLANals of portable data storage for tablets. The access is possible via apps that are available for iOS and Android.

Measuring station

The 8 grams light Withings pulse with an integrated touch screen measures steps, overcome altitude, calories burned, altitude profile and traveled distances. After you synchronize with the IOS or Android device, you can analyze your data as graphics in conjunction with the app for that set. Pulse also measures your heart rate and offers even a sleep analysis. The data is transmitted to the Tablet/Smartphone according to Withings secured.

Big sound, small

The Cromo-In-ear double driver earphones by Lindy link amazingly full hi-fi sound playback with the small dimensions of in-ear system. The earphones are very solidly built and well isolate outside noise also. The ear pads can be replaced – Lindy provides the same three pairs of soft ear cushions. The 3.5 mm jack plug are gold-coated.

Protection against students

The Kensington SafeGrip for iPad is a robust, padded protective case. There’s the iPad protection that should make even “school safe” iPad according to Kensington, in black or blue. Despite the additional protection should be to use the iPad as usual tablet defined by Liuxers. The SafeGrip offers a robust carrying handle, which is designed to prevent not only dropping, but serves also as a handy stand with two positions for the viewing and typing.

Arcade play with joystick

The iCade core uses iPad as an input device and expands it to a joystick. The iPad can be like an “arcade”-place machine from the 80s in portrait such as in landscape mode. The connection via Bluetooth. According to provider, there are over 200 compatible games. Free Atari hits app lets users can immediately get started is included. The iCore also serves as a docking station for iPad.

Electronic dryer

The EVAP rescue pouch bag (dimensions: 130 x 175 x 15 mm) moisture safely removed from electronics have become wet. And that happens more often than you’d think: studies have shown that many mobile devices are once wet, because they drop their users, for example, in the swimming pool or in the toilet or spilling a cup of lemonade on it. Wet electronic device as small tablet or Smartphones can save themselves with the EVAP set of Kensington. EVAP seven times more than rice contains a desiccant, that sure takes the moisture out of the sensitive electronics – according to Kensington. The price is approximately 20 euros.

iPad as table football field

The classic match foosball promises a realistic football experience with different field layouts and background noise. There are eight controllers, which can use the iPad (all 9.7-inch models) via free game app. Can play up to four players on the Tablet table football, which is however more likely to recommend less in view of the shrinking format of the device. The look-and-feel is similar to the analog model but thanks to many details such as the counters for the gates. So classic match foosball at least for a match is an all round good fun.