Best Bag for Shoulder Problems

What is essential on a woman? In addition to documents, money and cell phones, the list certainly includes more a series of items: makeup, alcohol gel, perfume, scarf, hair brush, pad of notes.

It all depends on her style. There is a most important factor to consider, warn doctors: the weight. Who carries the bag too heavy can have problems related to bad posture, as well as tendonitis, herniated disc or wear of the disks of the spine.
Postural discomfort is the first sign that something’s wrong? orthopedist says Marcus Vinicius Galvão Amaral, of the National Institute of Traumatology and orthopedics Jamil Haddad (Into). ? If there is prolonged pain by day, the moment is to control women’s anxiety with regard to that old story that everything is necessary.
The shoulders and spine are the most disadvantaged regions, but neck, arms, hips and legs can be affected due to the pressure on the joints. And, contrary to what they say about the bags, which shall have a maximum of 10% of the weight of the user, in the case of scholarships to tow the most important are the preparation and who carries them.
It’s the same principle of training athletes. Conditioning is needed to support a given load. And, for that, the exercise is ideal? the doctor says.
Use passed bags like shoulder bags indexed by, which help better distribute body weight, and opt for smaller models, which will help limit the belongings, are some tips from the orthopedic surgeon to avoid damage caused by excessive weight.