Best Surveillance Cameras With Night Vision

Today, surveillance camera systems with night vision monitoring ensure reliable, good resolution images and easy storage using a digital video recorder instead of videotape. Cameras with night vision surveillance allow continuous recording or sensor-trigger or taking a still image at regular intervals, such as every 5 or 10 seconds.They are several types of applications, such as surveillance of buildings or taking wildlife views.

When buying a digital surveillance camera night vision, several parameters must be considered: image in black and white or color, system connectivity options, outdoor use or indoors, number of cameras required, and sensitivity.

  1. Color surveillance camera or black and white

The determining factor in choosing a black and white or color CCTV camera is the level of light in the environment, says color cameras can make more details of the image. But let there be light enough.
The color surveillance cameras designed for poor lighting conditions are generally more complex and more expensive.
An important feature of a night vision surveillance camera are the infrared LED and infrared sensor because they offer more versatility to the camera giving it a night vision capability. In any case, in use in night vision (infrared), the picture will necessarily black and white.

  1. Connectivity Type

Depending on the recording conditions and the environment, it will determine whether wired or wireless best meets your needs. The wired cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and generally provide the best image quality.
Wireless cameras are simple to implement and are more able to adapt to the environment. There are 2 wireless solutions, wireless data transmission and recording in a memory. Attention will need to consider the battery.
IP Surveillance cameras allow the user to connect the system using a computer router. This connection method has many advantages, such as to control the cameras remotely via a smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection.

  1. Sensitivity to light and Lux

When choosing a night vision surveillance camera, sensitivity is an important criterion. The image quality strongly depends.
The Lux determines the ability of a camera to capture an image in a variety of lighting conditions.

Lighting Luxury
direct sunlight 100000–130000
indirect light 10000–20000
daylight, overcast 1000
inside office 200-400
dusk 10
full moon 0,1
  1. Motion Detection

Motion detection is a useful capability for surveillance, especially when used overnight for observation of wildlife.When properly configured, this selective recording capability allows the user to optimize the storage capacity and the continuity of the sequence. In this case, the sensitivity setting is important for a movement of branches and leaves will not trigger the system.

  1. Outdoor surveillance camera or inside

The installation of security camera is made out to scare or inside, the two solutions provide excellent protection.
External surveillance cameras must be sealed to ensure reliable operation in all types of weather and have a cap to prevent raindrops settle on the lens.

  1. Number of cameras

For a small business or home, an external system consisting of two or four cameras offer enough coverage to protect against intruders. The number of cameras depends on the desired level of coverage, including domestic surveillance.
The best night surveillance cameras

B & W surveillance camera color surveillance camera Outdoor Security Camera
Tenvis Surveillance IP602W Logitech Alert 700E Bushnell Trophy HD MAX
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels Resolution 960 x 720 pixels Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Wireless Motion detection Motion detection
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