Best Trout Fishing Lures

Fishing lures

Equipment for trout fishing lures.
It is a reality, anything is possible in theory but with the experience, we quickly understand that the choice is among other things by size, weight, swimming lures but also defined by the width of the watercourse and the climate. The most glaring example is that of the ultra light, if we are with a relative cold (0 ° C) and with a nylon 12 hundredths (what is the diameter of the reference in the UL), we bet in less than a half day, after several cases of the wire, it’s sugarcane which eventually break up because of the cold! So do not error, start the season at least with a 2-7 g when the weather otherwise opt instead for a 3-12g / 5-15g (like Shigeki and Instinct Trout Lure/Spin Label of Pezon). The reel garnished with a good 16/18/20 or 22/25 hundredths (fluo) visible according to the size of the fish and the size of the River will be our choice of departure. The braid is here unnecessary if it freezes because it becomes brittle in such conditions. For lures, a box minimum with 4 fish swimmers jerkbait of 5cm / 7cm at the gleaming flanks (blue for cold water, green when they are ‘hot’ Minnow to the natural side and fire tiger for tinted water) and 4 types of spoon No. 1 to 3 according to the depth of the medium (red, blue, silver or copper points, flashies).
Technique of trout fishing lures
There are two major fishing practices according to Alltimefishing. In little river, discreet is to go shore fishing full upstream while in big river, after fish upstream and forward; We use derivatives to the downstream relying on currents to solicit positions until then impossible to fish upstream. Small rivers are the simplest in terms of reading post for a good start and to perfect its gestures to launch. The only run OK in small river is a balanced under the rod. It is produced by a pulse of the wrist, which is complemented by the action of the tip of the cane. The scion must perform a “Spring” effect to get distant and not forced to lure projection. For large, all pitches are possible.
The course of trout fishing lures
Sunny, it’s the least since fishing lures is a sin which asks the trout have some physical activity and the trout are often groggy by the cold! Prefer obstacles-rich areas in the water such as blocks and trees that offer first-rate for our fish shelters. The ideal is to find a river of first category filled with ice jams.

Trout fishing in the handled Minnow

Material for fish to kneaded minnows
Classic and timeless of 2.70 to 3 m, a Minnow handled (such as Azurite from Pezon) Rod allows to animate and guide properly the Minnow. A proper power, its steep tip but progressive action on completeness of the cane, must facilitate the shoeing but limit the breaks on beautiful fish. The reel as a FV Gunki SGK, equipped with a brake gradual and gentle, is responsible for a 18/20 hundredths or even 22/25 according to the size of the fish and for my part visible nylon for the fisherman (as in the toc). The main line is followed by a hint of fluorocarbon of 2 to 3 m to increase the discretion in clear water and especially to withstand abrasion suffered along stone and on the bottom. Used mounts – Sculling, arielle, nail, dracho or Gypsy – are those who fish the best on our course and take into account the desired animation and the current.
The kneaded Minnow fishing technique
As the natural bait, we can differentiate two types of fishing: nits tell the minnows to roll, and the quick entertainment. The rolled Minnow fishing remains a cold water fishery. It is to use a heavy mount and let our application down moribund way on the bottom of the River near caches printing rare upheavals. Conversely, the sins of animations must be more alive since a majority, they must mimic the flight of an application to trigger an attack. These last, lighter in weight are more appropriate in the middle of day or on warm waters. Minnows used 4-8 cm must be fresh and killed just before be mounted. In all cases, fisheries can be done upstream/downstream side but also on the large rivers.
The route for fish to kneaded minnows
The ideal on waters cold but very hard to find according to our dwelling place is the big river with a background in sand or small gravel to fish for minnows rolled. If this is not possible, we are looking preferably big River area weather with large ditches and slow currents scattered blocks. If we wish to fish in little river, we find quiet areas with many caches, we will therefore target the ‘downstream’ courses that present a deeper average depth as well as a softer thermie.

To conclude on the trout fishing

Be careful to fish courses of first category since March lures and the handled fisheries are strictly prohibited in the waters of second category even if they are rich in trout as long as the Predator is not open. It goes the same for this winter period where the brown trout is closed 1st and 2nd category. As we are well before the opening, we can explore areas and if in doubt, nothing is easier than to join its federation of fishing to inquire.