Bicarbonate Test to Discover Baby’s Sex

Some readers ask how the bicarbonate test is done . In fact this is a homemade test to find out the sex of the baby that is doing immense success.

Bicarbonate Test to Discover Baby's Sex

It is a simple test and many women claim that it really works.

There is no scientific basis, but it is easy to try, it is simple and painless. It’s a fun way to try to guess the sex of your baby.

Try and share your results. But do not start buying blue or pink underwear according to the result of this test.

Confirmation of the sex of the baby should be done by ultrasound or ultrasound.

How to Take the Bicarbonate Test

The test that promises to reveal the gender of your baby is quite simple to do. It should be done with the first urine of the day because it is the one that is most concentrated. All it needs is two ingredients: urine and bicarbonate.

# 1

Collect some of the first urine of the day in a container.

# 2

Apart, in another container, place two tablespoons of baking soda.

# 3

Add urine to baking soda so that it is completely covered. The most complicated part is done now is just to analyze the result.

How to Evaluate the Bicarbonate Test Result?

If the mixture effervescer means that you are pregnant with a boy .

If the mixture has no effect, that is, if it stays the same, you are pregnant with a girl .

Again we say that there is no scientific basis, it is a fun way to try to find out the sex of the baby. Many women who have experienced it say that it really works. It does not cost to experiment as a joke.


The test should only be done after 10 weeks of gestation. At this point the pregnancy hormone is more concentrated and the result is more viable.

Share your results, then share whether it really works or not.