Bikini Tips for Fatties

The Tips of bikinis for fatties promise to be of great help between women who are overweight to want to set up a modern type of look swimwear. The parts value the curvy body and identify the main trends of the season.
For a long time, the fatties avoided use bikinis. They were afraid to show his own body and therefore hid behind swimsuits with great proportions. Today, the situation is quite different. The plus size fashion opened space for new pieces of swimwear and the overweight women are accepting best his own body.

Bikini Tips For Fatties 2015

In plus size swimwear 2015, not simply reproduce the traditional models in bikinis at larger sizes. It is necessary to make pieces able to enhance the curves of the female body and provide comfort.
You are overweight and do not know how to choose the perfect bikini? Then check out tips on bikinis for fatties 2015:
Trick to disguise belly
A way to disguise your tummy is wearing panties with side and wide waistband. The hot pant, for example, is being rescued from the ‘ 60 and appears as one of the fashion trends 2015 beach.
Enhance the breasts
Chubby women also tend to have larger breasts. A way to highlight the bust is betting on a bra with straps and good support. The bulges, for your time, should be avoided.
Use the prints carefully
The pictures contribute to the look of swimwear, but should be used with caution. The patterns that increase the volume of the body, such as horizontal stripes and maxi-estampas, should be avoided.
In choosing a printed bikini, it is recommended to choose pieces with dark background. Having that as a criterion, it is possible to reduce the size of the silhouette.
Avoid large moulds
Large bikinis don’t work well in the body of the woman fatty, so try to choose appropriately sized pieces.

Plus Size Swimwear Trends 2015

As much as the bikinis swimsuits bet on modern and sophisticated modeling. Among the main trends, it is worth mentioning the prints with elements of nature, the mixture of colors, working with different textures, the application of pedrarias and hot pants.

Where To Buy Plus Size Bikinis?

Some stores are selling plus size bikinis. Check out some indications:
-Flaminga: in pieces with various prints and colors. The sizes range from 46 to 52 or M to the EXG
– Posthaus: the category of plus size fashion is one of the most popular, with bikinis and swimsuits the best brands. The sizes of the pieces go from G to XLG.
Put into practice the Tips of bikinis from for fatties 2015 and stay beautiful for enjoy the beach or pool.