Black n White Nail Art

Nail art black & white, the two most elegant colors will make your manicure! The white and black enamel recreate the play of shadows and geometrical details and striking, but without eccentricity: here are some ideas for a black and white nail art discreet and elegant.
There are two colors that never go out of style because they are always timeless classics: black and white. When you merge create perfect color games, even on the nails, so if you are keen on nail art discrete and minimal with these two colours should be kept always at hand! Obviously the black & white glazes can also be the basis for a more particular animal style nail art maybe, but usually these two colors are chosen from those who would nail in the foreground, but without eccentricity. Also, with a little bit of effort and a steady hand, you can recreate at home a successful nail art and do it yourself, so just choose the subject.
The most classic and refined subjects are usually those with geometric shapes. Alternating lines, small circles, dots, even triangles, can give a glamorous appearance to manicures without becoming too obvious. A nail art even more elementary provides for the white base and a thin black line around it completely, and the same can obviously repeat himself by reversing the colors.If you have patience you can toggle the basics on your nails, so as to have a more original.
There are also small applications based on jewel glitter and glitter are not excessive. Do you prefer this nail art projector for the evening look, applying them only in strategic locations to make your hands more glamorous, but always with a touch of elegance essential. Never forget one coat of clear Polish on nail art black & white: is needed to give shine to a manicure where the dark color could take over.