BlackBerry PlayBook Will Support Android Applications

It had been rumored since early this year and all expected confirmation forward. Today was that day, has finally been confirmed by the own RIM, your tablet BlackBerry PlayBook will support Android applications.
The tablet will not have serial this possibility, so need to download from the BlackBerry App World an application, or perhaps a VM on Meego and Maemo, where as you can install and run some Android applications.
I say applications because developers have to make a small change so that they can be executed from the Blackberry PlayBook. RIM says that this modification will be quick and easy. Then those applications have to submit their applications to be approved for its BlackBerry App World.
RIM expects that many of the 200,000 applications from the Android Market are modified to quit its applications store to quickly increase the number of available applications, where currently have 25,000 applications.
The application or emulator will be available this summer and will make use of the version Android 2.3. Android 3.0 have not said anything, but hopefully in the future give support to your emulator to this version, since they are that will have the interface for tablets and take more advantage of the size of the screen.