Blu-Ray Player, Denon DBP 2010

Denon begins with the DBP 2010 (700 euros) to retread its Blu-ray player range already. Fully digital, equipped with fine analog outputs – that sounds like a good package.

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Denons of previous 700-Euro Player DVD 1800 BD (issue 1/09) with the DBP 2010 receives a successor with significantly larger facilities and worthy processing, whose solid impression only the subjective bit shaky drawer could tarnish an infinitesimal. For stream 14 gold RCA jacks on the back, what a duo provides separate stereo output and an octet passes up to 7.1 channels of the amplifier. Also a Network connection and a RS-232 interface, the latter for remote control systems have been added. The bowels completely newly developed D & M and pack up all current BD features.
The new drive should leave quietly turn the plates, what should make the sandwich and the almost a millimetre-thick plate. In addition, it sits again in the middle of the housing.
As the competitors, now this player can decode internally all current formats of audio with Denon draws spar decoder “DTS HD Master Audio Essential” as an early adopter on DTS’, which all master formats dominated, for by all special formats like DTS’s, DTS 96/24 is free and so on. But the developers looked not only to this extensive hardware change, they improved the menu in some crucial points. So the user reaches the switch between drive and SD card reader as a source not in the branch-like depths of the Setup, but as the first item in the quick menu.
So off with him in the hearing room. There in operation is to, but produce audible noise such as already its larger sibling, a low. Competitors can now quieter. The Setup goes easily from the hand and offers abundant manual influence on image, sound and behavior of the player of the bass management for the multichannel output up to the HDMI video format, the network configuration to the screensaver more sensible default. A first function check confirmed a fleet navigation from the SD card with images or compressed music, title names 2010 but unfortunately not displays in clear text format ID3.
The tricky technically still features of some Blu-rays of animated Java menus over image-in the image with a second, simultaneous sound track and also Internet content via BD-live, the Denon ruled routinely. With the reading of the discs (DVD 22, BD 36 seconds) is he in midfield, that required he from the current movie out unusually long until the door opens again. The tester even with the toughest test sequences not out of step could bring the new video processor ABT 1030. Also the scalers fine doing his thing in the truest sense of the word, and conjures an image that could be without direct comparison in the first moment of a Blu-ray even from the good old DVD.

Time for first films and music. The animated films “over the hedge” DVD and Blu-ray “wall-E” proved the amazing plasticity and artifact-poor accuracy of image processing, which the contrasting and bright image of the comparison device Pioneer BDP LX 08 (test 05/09) was in nothing. And with complex musical CD, DVD and Blu-ray, the Denon also had a good stand against the pioneer, which, so far, unique musical performed together with his building similar siblings such as BDP LX 71 (Heft10/08). The DBP 2010 sounded while one track less beautiful picturesque, but just as playful and with a pleasantly Groovy musical flow.

As far as the issue of digital playback. In the pioneer par tipped analog section with at least five Burr-Brown PCM in 1782 for the outputs employees divided into stereo and surround the newcomer countered as musically ambitious. Here lost themselves in two groups just the physicality and the one or other fine detail of rendering, went more lustre by pool a lead and lost a little Bullness of a bass drum as with the pioneer.
The Denon formed from both analog and digital very well and maybe even a track better than his opponents rooms, however, – clearer and larger.
A great redesign succeeded with the DBP 2010 Denon. Except for the noise and discharge all the time there is nothing to complain about. The plastic image and musical sound quality via HDMI set the DBP 2010 at the top of its price range.
Denon DBP 2010

Manufacturer Denon
Price €700.00
Rating 106.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 43.5 cm
Height 10.6 cm
Depth 31.0 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Video digital HDMI (version) 1.3a
Max resolution of HDMI
Decoder Dolby True HD / DTS HD Master /
Decoder DD / DTS /
Remote control for TV / Adaptive
Predefined picture settings / adjustable /
Memory card reader
USB /.
Ethernet for update / interactive content /
Headphone output / adjustable /
Playback memory
HDMI control
BD – time DVD / Blu-ray (in seconds) 22 / 36.0 s
Playback formats
MP3WMADivX / /
Analog output stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Playable disc.-formats
DVD + R / RW /
CD-R / RW /
BD-R / RE /
optical / HDMI /
Hosiden / 3-comp. /
Measured values
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted) 101 dB
Output resistance 1028 ohm
Error correction ability info layer CD / DVD 2.1 / 1.0 mm
Error correction surface CD / DVD 3.0
Power consumption standby / operating 0.4 / 24.6 W
Short conclusion Denons of new DBP 2010 offers BD fully equipped with stereo plus 7.1 analog outputs. Sculptural image of DVD provide good de-interlacing and scaling. He sounds wonderful musically and geographically, especially via HDMI.
Sound HDMI
(maximum 70 points)
Sound surround
(maximum 70 points)
Sound stereo
(max 70
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Picture Blu ray / DVD 16 / 9
Overall rating (max. 120 points) outstanding 106
Price-performance ratio Very good
tested in issue: 10 / 09