Blu-Ray Player Philips BDP 7300

Philips brings its first Blu-ray player own construction on the market with the BDP 7300 (350 euros). Low price and great facilities promise a bargain.

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Really hard to believe, but with this generation of players, Philips brings his first own Blu-ray developments at the start. The Dutch were so far even OEM customers (original equipment manufacturer), they become the OEM suppliers with this generation of products as in CD and DVD. And so this player base in the one or other variant will meet soon again.
The simple front reveals little of the blazing equipment of the player, which decodes virtually all popular file formats of MP3 of DiVX format camcorder AVCHD with X.v.color extended color space. This includes all BonusView Blu-ray features come to BD-live. The rear offers a separate stereo connection plus RCA and Toslink digital audio 5.1 outputs. Something like on the back: the Philips needed no disturbing fan. Front, still a USB memory can be insert; It can include photos or videos or in addition to the internal memory data from BD-live discs from the Internet buffers. The remote control is pleasantly compact in the hands. The developers watched off probably the striking “home” button and menu at Sony, according to the motto “it is always better to look off good, than to invent bad self”.
In addition to the source selection between drive and USB in the user the home menu to configure enters. Annoying: Only the second menu level allows changing the language to German. Pleasant, however, is the appearance in large, clear letters and tabular arrangement. The depth of some adjustability is looking forward to the fan, might confuse some newcomers. Otherwise, however, about the purely automatic network setting, this layman-friendly and refuses the manual expert access.
You feed the BDP 7300 with a slice, he thus surprised how fast he reads them. A DVD starts within 9 seconds more or less with the speed of a real DVD player, and a Blu-ray requires almost twice the time. And also the navigation within the plates is running at a record pace. Bravo. This speed keeps the player even when dealing with photos and other media files from the drive, or USB flash drive. Pleasant notice also the huge, almost full-format, part transparent advertisement with which he displays Philips information and evidence.
After this positive impression of the handling of the BDP 7300 had to show what he can in the image, and also the Dutch positive surprise. The scaler can be “Natively” turned off via setting, the player passes then unprocessed signal to the display or projector. That’s fine, because usually the best de-Interlacer and scaler of the signal chain insert into highendigeren picture indicators. With the Philips must not hide, his de Interlacer works fast, engages reliably and stably in the various modes, and the scaler with pointed pen, draws an exceptionally sharp image from low resolution templates. Also photos that practically always must be scaled for the video output, shows sharp razor.
A no further clarifiable phenomenon surfaced with MP3 and WMA. You sounded namely DVD delivered thin and feeble. The testers played same files from CD or USB-stick, agreed the sound balance. Here, a later firmware must probably help. Except for AAC and DTS 96/24 decoding the BDP 7300 all standard and HD-audio formats like. First of all, the testers checked analog stereo output. With “The one” by Prince on CD, the newcomer seemed not quite from the stockings to come; -added way quite optimistic – for comparison Pioneer BDP LX 08 left him with no chance. The Philips sound comparatively undynamic and dull. Nothing changed because an increase in the number of channels to 5.1: also in this case beamed Til Bronners trumpet on the DVD “A night in Berlin” by the Japanese played glanzvoller and grooved the band better.
Interesting way of BDP 7300 retained its comparatively sober style of play even over HDMI, PCM as well as bit-stream transmission. An exchange of cables and connections of the subjects created certainty to sit on no Feh-ler in the signal path. The Philips made acoustic feel, when someone forgot to release the hand brake.
For that he could score well in the picture and showed fine video with quiet and a good overall impression, which is no good DVD players especially from DVD thanks to his precise de Interlacers in combination with the crisp sharp scaler. Blu-ray-HD images worked just fine and could miss more than a little depth. In the picture plays with so front the new; as regards the audiophile qualities, we may be curious, still tease out what future OEM customers.
Philips BDP 7300

Manufacturer Philips
Price €350.00
Rating 102.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 43.5 cm
Height 5.8 cm
Depth 30.8 cm
Weight 4.1 kg
Video digital HDMI (version) 1.3a
Max resolution of HDMI
Decoder Dolby True HD / DTS HD Master /
Decoder DD / DTS /
Remote control for TV / Adaptive /
Predefined picture settings / adjustable /
Memory card reader
USB /.
Ethernet for update / interactive content /
Headphone output / adjustable /
Playback memory
HDMI control
BD – time DVD / Blu-ray (in seconds) 9 / 17.0 s
Playback formats
MP3WMADivX / /
Analog output stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Playable disc.-formats
DVD + R / RW /
CD-R / RW /
BD-R / RE /
optical / HDMI /
Hosiden / 3-comp. /
Measured values
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted) 106 dB
Output resistance 567 ohm
Error correction ability info layer CD / DVD 1.1 / 4.5 mm
Error correction surface CD / DVD 1,04,5 mm
Power consumption standby / operating 0.2 / 17.6 W
Short conclusion Sound somewhat dull and little dynamic, convinced the Philips BDP 7300 by very fine image from DVD, full facilities and high Abrbeitstempo in the program start and navigation. He works quietly thanks to waiver of a fan.
Sound HDMI
(maximum 70 points)
Sound surround
(maximum 70 points)
Sound stereo
(max 70
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Picture Blu ray / DVD 16 / 9
Overall rating (max. 120 points) outstanding 102
Price-performance ratio Very good
tested in issue: 9 / 09