Bluetrek Bizz

For 50 euros, there is the communication experts Bluetrek a headset that can serve as a memory stick: the Bluetrek Bizz. Here the test report in use with the Nokia 6300.

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More than just a headset: the Bluetrek Bizz not only know how to wirelessly communicate with the phone, but can be used as a USB Flash memory to MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards.

Also surprised the 50-euro Bizz with unfamiliar Accessories: instead of a standard charger, the manufacturer puts a charging cable for the cigarette lighter and a USB charging adapter for the PC in the packaging.

Especially the cable for cigarette lighter may be worth on long journeys gold even if the operating time with around seven hours is sufficient.

Slightly gritty housing

The lack of a volume control on the headset is, however, less thought out. Although you can adjust the volume on your mobile phone, but there is as you know absolute cell phone ban while driving.

Also the housing does not have a convincing impression: something is creaking and the pressure point of the multifunction button could be more clear. The comfort is that exemplary. Also top: The sound quality of the Bluetrek can be heard.

On the test trips, the Bizz mainly paired with the Nokia 6300 in a consistently decent voice quality. Summary: A not very ordinary, but recommendable headset with practical extras such as the memory option for data and the autoloader.

Data sheet

Volume control / mute Circuit /
Charger 220V / 12V (car) /
USB charging cable
Battery / battery replaceable Li-Polymer /.
BT profile: Headset / Handsfree /
Standby time / operating time (hours: minutes) 14T 18:40:00 / 6:59:00
Volume value transmit / receive direction (dB) 18.8 / 17.7
Distortion of transmit and receive direction (dB) -27.2 / – 26.6
Frequency response transmit / receive direction points max. 4 / 4
Weight headset / charger (g) 10.5 / 28


ENDURANCE up to 150 outstanding (144)
Standby time / Betriebszeit120 / 30 120 / 24
FACILITIES 50 sufficient (25)
HANDLING up to 150 very good (129)
Processing / operation 20 / 40 15 / 34
Comfort / weight 55 / 35 47 / 33
Acoustics up to 150 good (115)
tested in issue: NC3 / 09