Bottles Engraved with Acid

It acid glass is a material that is used to engrave glass and make different designs on it. We are sure that many times you have seen the typical sugar boat with this word engraved on one side, or a few glasses of wine with an initial. Maybe you can also do it easily, here I explain how.
To burn with acid we will need very few materials:
– Acid to record Crystal, which you will find it at craft stores.All commonly used in the same way, all forms often come the instructions on the label of the boat.
-The glass object that you want to customize. I’ve reused a bottle of liquor.
-A stick, which we will use to apply the acid.
– Plastic or latex gloves to protect our hands, although if you case a little acid in the skin absolutely nothing happens.
– Adhesive stencils, that if you do not want to buy them yourself you can do it with adhesive backing.
Already you can see that they are just a couple of steps and it is very simple. In the following tutorial video, you will see the engraving process and I will explain you how to use acid.
Have you seen? You hardly have to do anything, and it is so easy to make that it is up to complicated us goes wrong.
In summary, these are the steps to follow to engrave glass with acid:
1. clean the surface record.
2 paste the adhesive.
3. apply the acid with the stick wherever you want to act, leaving a thick layer.
4. after for 5-7 minutes remove it with a cloth or paper.
5 remove the stickers.
6 let stand for at least a half-day.
7 wipe a cloth with water to the entire surface.
And now you’re ready to decorate and use it. It can wash, rub the engraved surface and up to put in the dishwasher.
This would be the result of the bottle made of glass which I’ve decorated and that you have already seen in the video.
What do you think record you and what design’re going you to put? We have endless options! 🙂
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