Bq Aquaris E10, Analysis

The Spanish company bq has given an interesting leap in quality in their products last year, and not only by presenting a wide range of fairly competitive devices as the E, but also with a considerable investment of time and money to get a call sign design that distinguishes them from the rest alternatives within the middle range.
The Aquaris E10 bq aims to compete really in the high average range of tablets, and although can processors MediaTek remaining credibility, its eight cores, along with 2 GB of RAM and its powerful battery 8,680 mAh make it a product that we should not fail to take into account.

Technical characteristics

Bq Aquaris E10, specifications
Physical dimensions 243,5 x 165 x 9 mm570 grams
Screen 10.1 inch IPS
Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
Processor MediaTek® MT6592 Octa Core Cortex A7 @1,7 GHz
Graphics processor ARM Mali 450 MP4
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 32 GB
Version Android 4.4
Connectivity GPS BT 4.0 FM radio WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Cameras Front: 5 MP ƒ/2.4Rear: 8 MP with flash dual ƒ/2.4
Battery 8680 mAh Li-Ion battery
Approximate price 254 euros

While it is possible to opt for signed by MediaTek processors make the E10 Aquaris does not have the plus of charisma that I had of having chosen another signed by Qualcomm, goes without saying that the MT6592 octa core carrying is more than sufficient for performing smoothly and fairly fluently any our every day, although she limps a bit when we get to do a few things at a time.
As we can see in the specs tab, bq has also opted to equip your tablet with everything you need in order to enjoy the multimedia contrnido Thanks to your stereo speakers, its resolution of 1200 p, and a powerful battery that will get that we can enjoy without having to worry about having to find a charger to keep us half of our series and movies.
Perhaps one of his greatest buts, in addition to lower processor performance when it comes to the multifunction, found in its little internal storage. And is that in times of high definition files its 16 GB of internal storage and, above all, the fact that microSD slot only accepts cards up to 32 GB us seems completely inadequate.
As we shall see during this review one of their biggest problems is the weight, But despite this and the rest of their buts, can not overlook the fact that otherwise we have a device that is attractive enough to represent a viable alternative for those who want a good Tablet without having to pay the prices that we find in the high-end.


To bq has cost him a few years get to adopt a design that truly her personality to their devices, which is unique and that serves him to be recognized at first glance. With the range and finally they have succeeded, and they have been exploiting it to the fullest use it in virtually all your new devices, including this Tablet.
Therefore, the E10 Aquaris we return to find with the classic reduced edges, with a black color back to that protrudes slightly from the screen frame. ES a simple design without watermarks, but it achieved its mission of becoming a brand in itself and of pleasing both sight and touch.
One of the first negative points that we find in this device is the of its weight, that climbs up to 570 grams and it shows when we have the tablet in their hands. We cannot say to be really uncomfortable, but if you make your arms tired us after holding it for a while and increases the chances of slipping us of hands if we do not walk with a little care.
And the latter say it because another of the drawbacks that you could be the aesthetics of this device is the grip. It is true that the plastic on the back of the E10 is pleasant to sight and touch, but sometimes It might be slightly slippery. Perhaps if they had opted for a material a little more Gummy they had won some integer offset a little weight with a good grip.
On the front, it must be said even if we are not one of the finest frames on the market, that getting their edges are not disproportionate with just centimeter and a half on each side. That Yes, in the part in which have been enough room for improvement is in a screen that the fingers are marked the first Exchange.
All other aspects of the design are quite correct. We have speakers on each side to get a stereo sound without being nothing otherworldly well meet its purpose, a few buttons that are integrated into the display and a microSD to slot to not have a lid and be totally exposed us it can be filled of dirt with the passage of time.


As we have seen in the specifications tab, this tablet comes equipped with an IPS 10.1 inch display with 16:10 format and resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, which makes a total of 225 points per pixel. It is true that it is not any wonder but it is more than enough to enjoy without too many problems of the majority of videos in high definition.
Because more than resolution in Yes, the most important thing in these cases in order to enjoy a good experience is the panel that mounts the device, and in this case the E10 complies perfectly with an excellent interpretation of colors and a glow that reaches 400 nits to offer us some excellent results both indoors as when we went out to the outside.
The response of the screen to touch gestures has been very good, and we haven’t had too many problems during the days that we have been testing it. In addition, in the configuration of the screen BQ has included the always interesting option to enable the Double-tap to turn on or off the screen, one of the few but successful elements with which Spaniards have tweaked Android KitKat to make life a little easier.
In summary we can say that although the display could have had a better resolution, especially taking into account that it is a Tablet, we have enough to enjoy in terms of all the multimedia contents that we get ahead.


It is true that view in the list of specifications a MediaTek processor, and not even be one of the latest models of the company, may frighten more than one. Even so the E10 has remained quite type in the three benchmarks we have done you, getting a score of 13.245 in Quadrant and a note High Quality in Epic Citadel with with 54.5 FPS at 1920 x 1128 of resolution.
In addition, to complete these results tablet also has got a note of 32.274 points at AnTuTu, staying not too far from the 35.595 LG G3, and although it is very far from approaching the devices that lead the list of the application, is not bad to be a mid-range device.
Although that Yes, there are the numbers that can give us the different test benches and quite another reality that we touch when we use our E10 for a few days. And unfortunately this is where most noticeable deficiencies of a processor that has just enough struggling with our experience.
And it is that as soon as we offer tablet to do a few things at the same time, as for example browse the applications drawer while others are downloaded in the background, We noticed a quite considerable slowdowns, and although all the games that we’ve tried go as silk, as soon as we get any notification all slows.
Fortunately, there are other things such as web browsing which does not give us too many problems, and although it can’t compare to the experience that offer us other high-end devices, it gets to give us enough fluency to read the news or the latest reviews of Xataka Android without any difficulty.


And if performance is one of the feet that limps our Aquaris E10, no doubt the autonomy is one of their best assets. And all this thanks to its commitment to adopt a powerful 8,680 mAh battery, which gives us sufficient autonomy to be able to use it without having to worry about in no time because we will leave Hung.
In the days that we have been testing it, bq Tablet has come to last us for 48 hours, giving us 6 to 7 hours of screen with a mixed-use that it has not limited to consult four turn applications and browse the web, but that we have also got enough whiplash with how many games.
The Tablet does not have any fast-loading, so we have to keep in mind that for your immense battery need to have it connected to the mains at least between 3 and 4 hours. Even so, taking into account the duration that is capable of offering us this should not be a problem too large.


Software is a tricky issue when we are talking about BQ, because even if you are using a seemingly obsolete 4.4.2 Android version, the Spanish company has been responsible for optimizing the system the most fixing any problems that could be improved in the later version. Yet it is true that the Spanish company still has much to improve in terms of keep updated software for your products.
Having said that, it is worth applaud that instead of overloading Android with a heavy UI in search of own label, BQ has chosen provide us a nearly naked Android and with an experience very close to that offer Nexus devices.
Even so There is some that another modification, small details such as the double tap to turn on or turn off the screen which although they do not serve to mark differences are things that users always like to have. We also have the possibility to configure the notification led or to program the hour of power-the terminal.


Although tablets rarely are often used to take pictures, bq did not want to do without them, and has equipped its E10 with a back eight megapixel camera and dual led flash, and a front five Megapixels. The main Chamber is not to throw rockets, that must be said, but that doesn’t mean you get considerably good photos.
And is that we were surprised enough quality that this camera is able to offer us, even with good macro, when we make photos outdoors and in full light of day. Unfortunately things change quite when we do them indoors or in low light, because it is when it appears our old friend noise and we see as photos immediately lose some detail.
The Aquaris E10 also comes with a front camera five megapixel well, playing the role that will see us well during video conferencing, but we can not expect a few worthy of our Twitter or Instagram selfies.
Nor we can finish with this section if mentioning the topic of the camera application, because we do not know if it was by laziness or carelessness, but resized is such which would be with a 4.5 inch mobile, and we have a few botonacos of epic proportions that let us not knowing what to think.

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Xataka Android view

As we said at the beginning, BQ is beginning to take more seriously their own devices, and the Aquaris E10 is a clear attempt to position themselves in the mid-range with a proposal with possibilities of establishing as an option to take into account.
Good mid-range Tablet
They are to blame a fairly complete specifications, a great drummer and priced pretty well adjusted.
But BQ also has courses that will remain you pending for future devices. The first processor, because although we are when performing a single task the MediaTek not us any problem, It is unforgivable that at this point a device slows down both When are we doing more than one thing at a time. Help also is a software that could be a little more up to date, if only to save the appearances, and a screen that does not mark are both fingers whenever we use it.

In favour

  • Price
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Great autonomy


  • Weight
  • Performance