Bracelet of the Month October – Karma

Our bracelet of the month: Karma – a big word. The meaning of that is not clear many, what is no surprise at the various declarations and designs that can be found. The sources differ in the translations. While some “Karma” with “Wheel” in German, one finds elsewhere the translation of “Action, action” or “Destiny”. One thing at least is certain: Karma refers to the main beliefs in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, the word comes from the Indian language. When said you could say the concept of karma says that every physical and mental action inevitably has consequences. But it is a little more complicated. Karma is both action and the result of the action. Here it goes to the bracelet!

Karma Bracelet By Twelve Thirteen Jewelry

Karma is not the assessment of human deeds by a God. If the karma is good or bad, decides on a fixed regularity. So it is not punishment or reward. Good karma will pay accordingly as well as bad karma.
Also the Indian caste system is related to the belief in karma. As a human being as “Seed money” has much good karma at his birth, decides his Karma from the past life. This Karma determines in which caste man is born, and how far down he is “need to work up in this lifetime”. Basis and at the same time the conclusion of the doctrine of karma is that everyone has a free will and thus may affect his future through his current actions. Now discover all jewelry pieces from twelve thirteen jewelry –!

Bracelet of the Month October

Many people, even those who are not Buddhism, believe in the principle of karma. It has helped that the belief in Karma must be lived in a non-religious, but also purely philosophically, can be practised without the faith in a higher power (such as a God or judge). Many are positively influenced by the doctrine of karma in their daily actions, because they believe in it, to be able to draw their future. We believe that this force that is inherent in the doctrine of karma, is very positive. We have created a bracelet with the inspiration of the karma, that bracelet of the month rightly earned the title and which gives the carrier of positive properties. Free will, positive thinking and future-oriented action gave us the idea of “Karma”. It combines the deep black, matte lava stone, which spent millions of years in the bowels of the Earth, with restrained sparkling Czech Crystals. This accessory is symbolically completed by two PVD gold-plated Buddha heads, making clear the connection to the Buddhist faith. This will make the perfect companion for anyone who can find something positive belief in karma.