Bracelet Turns Any Smartwatch Clock Clock

That old watch that you have in the drawer may be about to gain a new life. During the CES 2017, the company introduced the CT CT Band, a watch band that causes any device plugged into it to win some of the functionality of a smart watch clock.

With a small LED screen and a series of sensors, the CT band can show notifications received by the cell phone. She connects to the smart phone user through an application itself, and can indicate when the user receives messages, calls, alarms and warnings of scheduled activities in your calendar as described in act-test-centers.
The sensors also allow the device offers a range of health information, physical activity and meteorology to user. He is able to show distance, number of steps and the physical exertion on a hike, as well as humidity, temperature and even the rate of ultraviolet rays of the Sun. The information from the band also can be seen by the application.
Although the product seems interesting, CNET says that he has some serious problems. More specifically, the price: the CT Band will be released in a leather version costing $179 (about $580). A silicone version will be released then costing about $160 (R$ 520, approximately). For that price, in dollars, you can buy a new smart watch clock with even more features.
There is also the fact that the strap needs to be recharged every two days, which is below the average recharge time of other smart watches. However, it can be a good alternative for people who have a vintage watch with sentimental value, but at the same time want to have the capabilities of most modern devices.