Bracelets Make Macrame DIY

The macrame technique is a Warp dating back to the Orient. When I was at the beginning of the year in South/East Asia I’ve seen many of this macrame bracelets or friendship bracelets were made by jewelry dealers on the side of the road. I liked that so well that I have turned something and created a stylish, chic version of it. If you times to want to establish that, I created you a manual for it.

Make Your Own Macrame Bracelet

You need something thicker a long (approx. 1 mm) band and if you want to attach a correct closure you need a button. However, a slider, you can easily create from the knots of macrame is more practical.
First you cut you a piece of tape that has a length of about 40 cm. Then you make a loop for the button in the Middle, or you let just 10 cm above the first nodes extend beyond the ends if you decide for the sliding. To it to facilitate you something hangs off the loop best somewhere so that she no longer slip away. Then cut an approx. 1m long strip from what in the Middle just below your node under the loop together is knotted (see Figure 1).
If your an intermediate element use, then attach to my images, as her cord each on the side of the element and the node is exactly as pictured.
What we need:

  • Satin ribbon / nylon cord 1 mm thickness (there are pearl bracelets on Picktrue: cream, dark green ))
  • a button (optional)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a lighter
  • some patience

I you still created a video tutorial, I hope it’s all understandable!

Detailed Macrame Instructions

Now we take the tape and put it in a loop on the bands B + C (fig. 2). Now, let’s take the band D and place it under the bands B + C (fig. 3). Then let’s take A band again and pull it through the loop of band D, such as band D through the loop of strap A (fig. 4). Now we can pull both straps together and it makes a node (Figure 5).
This node is continued until the end of the bracelet and all upon it knotted at the end of a button to lock the bracelet with the loop.
It almost always so look like a pretzel at each node. If you start right now Alternately, the bracelet just like in the pictures. You start getting on the same page, the bracelet as a spiral turns.
Very important: to ensure that when you do the loop your button on each case by fit!
Alternatively, you can also omit the button and knot a beautiful macrame fastener. To do this you just superimposed the two end pieces at the end, take a new cord and knotting cm macrame knots on the ends as described above just 1-2. Thus you have on the her a practical sliding and can push.
With the lighter, you can just burn the ends and thus secure. Cut the ends to a brief by approx. 2mm and melts them down then with the help of the flame. So the ends are fixed and no longer dissolve.
And now have fun trying it out!
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