Bracelets with Chain Necklaces

In this blog post I made a bracelet set with two different types of a chain. These bracelets are not difficult to make, you need only the basic information for Wire wrap. And the result can be a very fine and elegant.
I have here Peacock Pearl used, I still around are had. So a bracelet is so perfect to process beads closeouts.


-1 approximately 17 cm large link chain and 1 x 20 fine link chain
– Craft wire 0.5 mm
-Beads of your choice
-2 caps
– Jump rings, standard 5 mm for the large chains and 4 mm fine eye for the thin link chain

Crafting Tutorials

You start with 2 pieces of the large link chain, 2 times a slice with 5 links.
2 pieces of the large link chains – two times a piece with 5 Gliedern. Our site cut up first but that the Armand receives the correct length. Normally, a bracelet is 18-19 cm long.
If you have a larger wrist – or you are not sure – take then dear 6 limbs.
It is to cut easier later still something, when they are forced to make because it’s too short as a feat.
Then make a Wire wrap connection for the Pearl in the middle.
You need not jump rings here. You wrap the wire immediately on the limbs.
Next comes the refined chain. Cut 1 piece of 6 cm and 2 pieces of 7 cm. These must be not exactly the same.
Here now just the links with pearls between wrap.
Of course even more beads can be processed. It’s all a matter of taste!
To finish, you need the jump rings. For the thin chain, it’s only with fine bending rings, 4 mm. An echtsilberne small eyelet fits whatever.
Finally fasten only the closures and wristbands are finished.
According to ezinesports, this pearl necklace can wear fine combined or make just one.