Bubble Nails Trend

It was a bit ‘I have not heard talk about new trends in the field of nail art, then, rummaging through the news, I read about this new technique that is depopulated between the girls and that, at first glance, I find it very disturbing. This is the Bubble Nail Art and is the latest trend of summer 2015.

What is it?

The Bubble Nail, from the States, is the reconstruction of the nail through the use of acrylic gel that gives a form exaggeratedly rounded and short.
In order not to risk passing unnoticed, the new frontier of nail art involves the use of colors bright and flashy.
Women, in fact, choose glossy colored or glitter with bright colors to be applied on acrylic bubble to attract the most attention.

Some variants

As well as the Bubble Nails is not enough, they decided to also create variations in this horrible manicure:
– The Hump Nail that is gaining popularity and it is a technique similar to that of the Bubble Nails, but the nail assumes a more elongated and pointed.
– The Curve Nail It is creating a bubble with acrylic to which is attached a false nail, how to make believe that the nail to bend on itself around the finger. Nothing more kitsch!


If you hit your head against the wall and want to try the Bubble Nail Art, here are some tutorials:
Needless to say that the huge amount of acrylic applied can damage the nail and is best avoided to undergo too often in these creations.
Among other things you will make everyone happy!