Build a Floating Ring Necklace Made of Beads

Make with beads always chic our site pieces succeed. Polishing the Pearl beautifully captures the light and there is a charming twinkle through the individual facets.
This chain (45 cm) is combined with Czech beads and with our site Crystal beads were. In between there are small Silver plated beads. Because the beads with a cavity are threaded, this chain is also very easy to carry.
Beads and accessories

  • 1 bag pink beads(left 2 pearl earrings)
  • 9 pieces of our site Crystal our site(11 If you make even earrings)
  • 1 bag silver star beads (or similar distances)
  • Pink jewelry wire
  • Crimp beads
  • 2 dome
  • 1 lobster claspand split-ring
  • The regular plier sand a ruler.


The beads with crimp beads on the wire are firmly positioned in this draft. Using multiple crimp beads. Between each group of beads, 2 piece will crimp beads on threaded to fix each page. Start the beads just on to thread. Take 2 crimp beads, 1 star, 1 grinding bead, 1 asterisk, 1  our site, 1 asterisk, 1 grinding bead, 1 star and 2 crimp beads. Always so thread until you have 9 groups of beads together. It must be an odd number of beads groups. Just so the Middle group of beads is also really nice in the middle. Make sure that are always two crimp beads in between.
Now comes the moment to hold the beads in place. Best start from the Center out. In the Middle, you fix the Pearl group with crimp beads. Just with the pliers the crimping beads on each side pinch, so that the beads can be no longer move. Try to pinch, that the wire is in the middle of the crimp bead the crimp beads. There is no drama if that does not succeed, but it is simply beautiful.
Take your ruler and push the next pinch Pearl 2 cm further. You pinch that now. Here begins your next set of beads. Slide the new group, however, and pinch the other beads of the Group accordingly. We have already fixed the second group. So it goes on. Every time 2 cm between them. Take the 2 cm spacing exactly! Otherwise, the chain is crooked at the end. Their chain is about 45 cm long with a 2 cm space. This is the perfect length for such a chain. It falls loosely at the neck.
If all groups of beads are set, you again measure 2 cm on each side. Then you thread a CAP and our site. The crimp bead is fixed at 2 cm from the Pearl necklace again from Businessjust.
You can make this chain easily longer or shorter. For this, you can change the distance of the pearls. But beware, 3 mm change means already 3 cm longer or shorter. At the end of the attach only lock and split rings and your necklace is done.