Bundesliga with Walltattoos Football

No residential solution is as flexible and individual as wall tattoos.They enrich the living quarters and create an ultimate residential feel.Especially in children’s and youth rooms, wall sticker and tattoos are a nice change – which no longer pleases, is simply taken off again.And another advantage is hidden in the classy decors: they are reusable and can be detached from the wall without residue and without damaging the ground.

Football new thinking – with walltattoos and wall decoration

Football fans want to be close to their stars – even in their own four walls.With the help of walltattoos or embroiderers, this can be done very easily – and cheaply.Thus the round leather finds its way into fan houses or club and club rooms and gives the premises a trendy, sporty touch.Football wall tattoos from the favorite team, or the team captain – football heart, what more do you want?
Whilst Wandtattoos is still not enough to win, you can also opt for the variant in glass: A photo print of the Siegessschaft on anti-reflective glass – this comes well behind the white leather sofa …

The leatherwurst in the nursery

Many of the offspring are already very early in the footsteps of their role models.As a boy’s room is very soon turned into a “fan room”.To ensure that everything is correct, you need wall scarfs, club flags and football with the signature of the absolute favorite player.And the sophisticated design is rounded off with an effective football wall tattoo of the team.Needless to say, the football also covers the bed linen …

And also something for the big fans

What one of the Van Gogh is the other is a football wall stickers. Especially when it comes to football, much emphasis is placed on the sophisticated design of the wall decoration.Since “man” does not have fun.The implementation of the football wall tattoos is very original to ensure that the feminine roommate can also become acquainted with the wall design.In the ladies’ world, there is no offense to the offensive in the domestic living room.

World Championship Football

Bundesliga time: The nerves of the fans lie blank.The Dolby Sorround system groans and the chips and beer stock is coming to an end.If the favorites “go out” and the hotly-won Bundesliga victory is missing – a memory sticks to the wall and the affinity to the team is not diminished.With a proudly swollen chest, the sports enthusiast looks at his football wall tattoo and praises loyalty to the death in secret of his team.And if there should be a team change, remove the wall tattoo football, and stick the new team to the living room wall.
What is perhaps still relevant is that the casual trendsetters adhere to all dry, washed, and clean subsoils.After removal, the wall tattoos can be reused.They can be removed without damaging the paint or the wall.