Business Outfit: V-Neck Sweater with Pencil Skirt

Hooray! The new year is here! I welcome you very warmly back on my blog! After the many celebrations and cozy hours I am looking forward, to roll up their sleeves and to overthrow me, made me at the turn of the year in the implementation of projects. It’s not the worst, to adapt fashionable again to work everyday .
So I’ve found a little in my closet to find suitable office outfits. While I stuck a business look at, where a V-neck sweater plays a central role. That for me is a V-neck sweater in every base wardrobe , you already know from my last posts. I’m wearing the classic together with two other timeless basics, white blouse and pencil skirt in the Office. This is one of these looks of that never go out of style for me. Find a few ideas to the variations and the most important figure tips.

There Are Enough Variations of the Outfits:

  • Just play with the Color combination and choose a black pencil skirt with a sweater in camel instead of a Brown-grey suits.
  • Or wear the outfit in bright shades of nature in summer.
  • A silk blouse in pop colors, for example in Red or purple, light sweater with skirt once again changed the look.
  • With boots or ankle boots instead of pumps a different impression again.
  • If you change the material of the skirt and put on a leather skirt, a skirt of embroidered brocade fabric, or a leather skirt with a floral pattern , more interesting variants arise. Currently there are fabrics with metallic shimmer in the trend.

The trio of “Pencil skirt, blouse and V-neck sweater” you get nearly infinite new as Office outfit for each day. A high quality V-neck sweater in neutral colors is always a good investment for your business outfit.

And Some Figure Tips:

  • If you have a strong upper body or a large bosom – such as the Y piece type or the woman with O figure -, you wear a V-neck sweater in dark shade that narrow and straight or slightly waisted cut and slightly longer is.
  • If your upper body lean is access to shorter, more fitted models in bright or strong colors.
  • To accentuate your beautiful legs and knees, the skirt must end about an inch above the knee and have a bright color.
  • Women with stronger legs are well advised with knee-length and dark colors.
  • Tall women can wear calf-length also copies.
  • Women with graceful torso and slim neck can wear the blouse high closed. A loose open shirt blouse flatters all other women.

You see, there is appropriate versions of outfits for different figurative proportions. I think there’s something almost for every woman and every figure.
How do you wear a V-neck sweater in the Office? Which tips and tricks do you have for the readers of the fashion Whisperer? I am looking forward to get to know your favorite Office looks!