Buy a Backpack?

How to buy a backpack? That’s a question that at some point everyone we passed through the head. A while ago wrote an entry on the characteristics that have the backpack which are usually used for leave travel. But once you know everything you have the backpack, we see that it is what we need for the trips that we move to make, because beyond that surely buy it for a trip in particular are not going to enter that expense to travel only once. Apart once you make a trip before already you’re thinking where are you going to go the next time.

Buy a Backpack

The main features that we can not escape are:

  • Rigid backrest.
  • Belt.

A backpack that doesn’t have those two things, automatically ceases to be a suitable travel backpack. Golden rule.
After that we have details that vary to each person and activity that want to do. If you think leave type backpacking, probably looking for a more robust backpack (I do not mean capacity) with a lot of pockets and most of the time are the cheapest.
If they are already thinking about something a little more technical, as you can find to make trekking, with backpacks that begin to be a little more stylized without so many pockets. Reaching backpacks of high mountain, which have a good silhouette shaped cylinder, with little or nothing of exterior pockets more than to hang up the poles.
After a review, we will focus on some details that give to discuss. It is clear that backpacking backpack is not designed for long hours of trekking and a trekking backpack is not designed to make mountain, although nothing prevents us to make it equal. Each has its characteristic that makes it special.
Returning to the original question what backpack should I buy? The best point by which we can start is the size. Not only the backpack but our size, how much weight can reach support? He is said that ideal is that the backpack despite a 15% of our weight, that is the value that we’re going to feel comfortable, but it is very difficult to keep that number tends to go. How to have one idea a good backpack size is 80 liters. It leads you to save quite a bit and is of a size that can be controlled. See a vintage style backpack on
We can then define the backpack in two large groups, which have closures in the main pocket and which are cylindrical. They have closing is said that they are more than anything else to the cylindrical for mountain and trekking. This small but no less detail is many times that delay that end up making the decision. What’s the difference?
The truth not be if there is a feature to differentiate them sharply. But a little thinking, I guess high mountain backpack is designed for cases more extremes, wind, rain, snow and a closing can be a potential breaking point or allow filtering the water. Speaking of water do not forget to look at if you have a cover backpack (raincover) and where it has hidden, because many times it is saved by a Pocket that not are ve, we forget to try it and it is something that is going to come in very handy for when we have to walk in the rain.
Then it can be that they differ in the support structures, but that varies greatly with each brand and model of backpack. Today’s leading brands have very good clamping systems, now you have to see to which adapt better and there is only one way of knowing that, go and try on each model.
A recommendation for those who like to ensure what they will buy, is that some water bottles be carried, sand, books or something heavy to load a little backpack. Because many times in the local often them with newspapers and any backpack carries daily it is comfortable. (Now that I think better, locals would have you got some weights).
A last tip, is looking at backpacks when traveling or see your friends backpacks that you tell them how he ran them. Like all things fabric, as is van a medida que se van usando using the seams are accommodated and see a backpack with some travel gives you a better idea of how it behaves. It is also good to think that it is what we want to take and how we are going to sort the backpack.
Finally, there is always uncertainty that is what we are buying.